Another unsure of where to go. Nothing of substance to add on any of the main story, or the other ones. Just another of roaming around aimlessly. I didn’t even roam that far.
A lot of stuff around the house, and a lot of avoiding… a lot of time writing way too elaborate replies to random posts on the internet, but too much of it on Facebook today, perhaps. I’d kind of settle my current dilemma on other days by avoiding the FB disaster, by going to places like Tumblr, even Twitter. But today I had to write a bunch of stuff on Facebook of all places, where the api makes archives and keeping track of things a nauseating enterprise. Keeping a timeline of what goes on it a bit more complicated.
So yeah, I’m not going to import here all the things from all the timelines, that would just be silly, but considering the amount of wasted time spend meticulously on these often quite wordy posts and replies, I’ll at least post some them. It’s just a question of copy pasting from my notepad… some screenshots of quotes were written straight from the browser. Perhaps just a quick mention of what is responds too, maybe…
… and then comes context. What about the context?
Whatever, we’ll see. If this gets to be too much work it’ll just ruin the purpose really. I just need find a way to log here somehow those days where it feels like … nothing … where the things that seemed to have engaged me the most were fakebook comments and posts… well, let’s not get that bleak, like I said. Lots of things around the house. Just nothing worth standing here on it’s own, no additions to the site, no progress on any of the blogs or timelines.
I think next time I’ll just do a post of my favorite posts, comments, quotes, blog entries or whatever on my profiles from last year. Yeah, why not. There wont be that many.
I just basically need to start gathering up whatever was relevant to or can be integrated to the main story, or the other ones, while also starting to transfer over the older ones from past HDs and backups, and get to compiling this whole mess. Bring it together somehow and sort out all the various sections. I’m not even close to typing the loose papers and half filled notebooks lying around either. Someday.
All that is competing with other obligations right now and the putting down of those stories which are still trapped inside my mind, some more advanced than others, waiting to be released into words.

About that… I’m fine with having just written all of that up there instead. I’ll just save and close these notepads for now and open new ones. There’ll be another time for re-pasting those here, integrating back into main stories, compiling favorite quotes and nonsense, digging up old treasures…

Let’s just put up this one and leave it at that:

Tous nous croyons quelque chose si ce n’est que de croire que nous ne croyons rien.
Pouvons-nous nous entendre une fois pour toute et dire que tout n’inclus jamais tous tout le temps et que parfois il faut accepter de passer outre quelque chose pour pouvoir parler de quelque chose d’autre sans avoir à tout redire à chaque fois, parce qu’à tout dire et redire tout le temps dans tous ses détails on fini par ne plus rien comprendre du tout.  :P