Might have wanted to post separately for these, it’s just that I’ve watched so many over the past weeks, without actually taking any notes on them, and well… I’ll see.

Mostly just wanted to make sure I wrote something about cleaning up the menus and adding a few pages.

Apart from that, for now… let’s see how this works… or I’ll just list them with a title linking where most of them were from…

… jammed, it’s a culture thing, like Buy Nothing Day. We sell a lot of nothing on that day. Tons.

yeah, I’m not sure I’m embedding this correctly… I’ll write up that list of all the ones I watched on thoughtmaybe.com, they have nice summaries, or video descriptions, and plenty more documentaries.

(edit: well then, it was just my browser again, yay… I’ll write up that list anyways. Gonna do something else for now, but I’ll be spending the next few days fixing up this blog again. You know where to find me at.)