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The past couple of weeks were totally unproductive. Shame, since before that I had managed to update my guitar page, clean up the menus, pretty much do the same with my desktop and organized my homefolders… then I watched some docs.

I was a bit worn out anyway, so coming across those links was timely enough. End result is that it took me longer to write this post than I anticipated, and basically making it about more than it was originally meant to be. Hardly even touched the guitar this week, but today was alright, managed to go through the set of songs without too many fatal errors, having to restart bars or sections entirely, stuff like that. I ramble on more about that on the page itself

There’s also a bunch of backstories for various rpg characters I’ve been playing, either in video games or other, that I’ve been meaning to gather up in one place. It’s not quite done, and I have so many old files to look at … I’ll probably end up just backdating some posts, linking those and some relevant forums on my gaming page or w/e … Right, and I rummaged through my MTG cards some, shuffling around a bunch of decks and adding in plenty of new cards. Still no dedicated page for that, though I could just link to some deckbuilding communities or gamer hubs. tappedout.net is in short where I hang out when I look about those things online… which isn’t really that often.

So getting to those docs…

I had just previously added a bunch to a playlist (français) on the you’s tubes, but this latest, more intense, doc binge started up with HyperNormalization.

I got to it via thoughtmaybe.com, there’s a nice presentation on the various docs, videos and such, and their collection is an impressive selection of titles, so I took that as an opportunity to catch up on lots of them, many which didn’t even know were out there.

This past week’s doc binge:
-Bitter Lake, and The Century of The Self, also by Adam Curtis.
-Cointelpro 101 (fit in with the theme of a recent anniversary in Black Panthers history)
-Fascism Inc.
-NYPD Biggest Gang In New York
-The Power Principle
-Plutocracy, parts 1 and 2
-Beyond Treason
-China’s Dirty Secrets
-Culture Jam
-Generation Like
-Subconscious War
-The Revolution Business
-The Fuck-It Point
Like I said, wasn’t taking any notes, don’t really feel like commenting right now, thoughtmaybe.com has nice summaries on them and all the ones I’ve listed there are available on their site, so you can look for them there.

I’ll likely end up using referring to some of those on a page I’m thinking up. A kind of “if you are reading this it’s because you are there” resistance-themed page around great docs, various events, protests, and the politics of revolution. I’m still keeping with the original plan of heading it with de la servitude morderne which is just awesome in my book … a page to talk about activism in film, great hubs on social critiques, major issues around world trade, communications, the environment, climate change, interesting people to follow for current news on those different topics.

Turns out there’s more stuff in there than it might seem… I didn’t want to spam my pages folder with too many pieces about this video or that one… blah blah blah… anyways, so the list is there. I’ve noted a few from the collection already I’m queuing up to watch next, and at least for now this post is here… perhaps I’ll come across it at some point to remind me and elaborate more… sorta “top 10” or favorites per topic / time period… idk… This place is more like a “talking to myself” kinda feel anyway. One idea is to set up my pages as a collection of notes, links and resources from which to share with, copy paste from, and perhaps assuming a particular topic is polished enough, point to in my online discussions… this place is still mostly a mess tho :D like an abandoned warehouse, decrepit factory or old ruins of some kind … at least the menus are nicer now