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It’s really frustrating that this is still my best take on this one, it’s from the weekend, or Monday I think. I haven’t tried recording all week, and it’s gotten better since I practiced it a lot I just can’t seem to get it right today without completely either screwing up the intro bars, the ending, or both :/ I’ll try again tomorrow. For now I’m not going to bother editing and adding it to my vlog just yet, probably at least add it to the vlog next week if this keeps up though. I didn’t do it last week because I was convinced I would just replace it right away anyway.

At least the beginning isn’t (comparatively) a total wreck… even though it fails a lot especially in the end, almost ad lib in some places… rough. I keep listening to it over and over trying to convince myself it’s not that bad.
I was feeling really good after getting it down so well this week, yesterday, and today, super bums me out that this older one turns out to still be my best video effort. 😠