This could be a series.
Could have started a long time ago, and partly cause I feel compelled to mention that each time, I could just paste up all my travels here, I have plenty to go back on too if I’m stuck… but then… It’s the selecting, the editing, correcting and fact-checking, referencing… responding… updating, revisit, upgrade, collate… meh… grammar?


Spending too much time on that facebook again… not today motherfucker

Sorry, disagreeing with me won’t get you called a fascist nazi, as that’s reserved more towards those who’d unapologetically espouse hate and bigoted prejudicial outlooks, trivialize and promulgate them, worse still put them in action.
Thought it may end up being appropriate in some circumstances to play hangman in the naming of their particular brand of demented irrationality, when it gets pushed into a corner, supremacy, nationalism, alt-right or ancap, troll, prejudice against them isn’t bigoted: it’s sane. And the more extreme the healthier.

In this neighborhood, show up wearing a sheet and you get shot in the streets.

Being a bigot doesn’t make you fascist, nobody’s purfect, by itself I can’t see why it would, but if you reason it’s acceptable in some way and not something that needs to be corrected and opposed at every corner… eh… you really don’t have anything else to say… melt away little snowflake, melt away.


-Calling someone a fascist for sharing and supporting views contributing to a fascist agenda, and for showing signs in line with say, aryan mythology, is counter-productive. And frowned upon.

-You can’t quote or agree with anything a liberal/progressive/democrat/socialist/communist/anarchist wtfe would say without being one, and berated for something else irrelevant they might be wrong about and with which you obviously agree too as well.


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