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Right, so I was wanting to write this up over here, but I got lazy and made a post on fashbook instead… more or less the same links and content, but now that I’ve taken the time to sort my notes out a bit…

(meanwhile in France nazi cops are sodomizing peeps with their pig sticks)


Pourquoi s’acharner sur celui-là en particulier? Pourquoi lui s’acharne-t-il sur certaines communautés à provoquer la haine et la violence envers elles?

Je prend celui-ci en exemple parce qu’il reçu dernièrement du temps d’antenne sur HBO, imaginez donc ça, et puis sur radio-klanada aussi. Ici-radio-coloniale s’en servent même pour justifier leur conclusion qu’il faut ignorer ces gens plutôt que de les confronter … ils sont ignorant du phénomène qui a permit Trump de prendre la présidence des U.S.A., semble-t-il. En normalisant sont succès, dénigrant par la bande ceux qui militent activement contre lui (et plusieurs autres!! https://angrywhitemen.org/the-alt-rightosphere/), ça donne plutôt l’impression d’applaudir sa “réussite”.

C’est plutôt la presse libérale, et conservatrice, qui contribuent à leurs avantages à chaque fois qu’elle aborde leur existence de manière “neutre” et “non-biaisé”.
Les voix et les groupes qui critiquent plus fort ceux qui dénoncent que CE qui est dénoncé, partagent le blâme des succès de ces néos, leur célébrité, leurs fortunes, et définitivement pas les antifas qui lui barrent des routes… Ceux-celles qui se gène d’élargir le blâme vers ces mêmes qui se refusent de dénoncer ces mouvements, la considère nullement méritoire d’une réponse ferme et hostile, ou voir même en partage une certaine “opinion”, la trouve drôle, inoffensive, banale! Tolérable!

Normal quoi. Plutôt le privilège d’être à l’abris parce que de toute façon, c’est pas nous qui sommes visé.es, c’est pas nous que ça insulte et pis sur le dos de qui que ce fait la business … après tout, s’en offusquer, se mouiller à la décrier, c’est s’abaisser à leur niveau non? C’est juste d’l’humour, du niaisage, s’t’un jeu. Tombe pas dans le piège, laisse tomber. Hein?

Ça c’est juste le bas-de-gamme en plus, à peine caché, ouvertement haineux, dans la même catégorie que la radio poubelle…
… et pis en passant, les ignorer, ces ignorants là, ça s’passe bien ça pour les contester et taire le fascisme flagrant qu’elle inspire et provoque?
Ça les a derentabilisés ces vendeurs de fumier verbale ou non? C’est ça que je pensais.

Imagine a self-hating, self-bashing, racist (but he dates black guys so it’s ok) gay jew provokingly misgendering trans people deliberately while insisting they are also crazy and dangerous sex predator weirdos; imagine him honestly and sincerely calling for them to be publicly exposed and shamed, insulted, excluded, segregated, medically tortured, criminalized and locked-up, or exiled, if not blatantly culled from the general population by any means necessary, by whatever means the current audience is prepared to hear as perhaps appropriate or acceptable, or that he expects the censors will let him get away with proposing on whichever platform he happens to be on at that time.

Wait, or was that just a joke? Probably just part of the act, right? He’s probably not even really gay.
Does it really fucking matter at this point? That’s not even the issue.

And while his army of cheering fans grow, it’s just harmless fun after all, keep reminding yourself that talking about him, making any sort of noise to lash out at this demented criminal menace of a human being, will only bring him more fame and attention, and digits to his bank account. Keep telling yourself that. Keep denying the fascists till they go away, works every time. Keep reminding yourself that, and accusingly everyone around you too, that telling him to shut the fuck up only makes him look good, and you the nazi. Just take a nice shower, it’ll pass, it’ll go away. All of this is perfectly normal. In this current day and age, hate and bigotry is harmless and trivial. It’s a gig, a show, a silly trick savvy comedians pull on idiots to make money and laughs. Don’t fall for it. Everyone is so happy. Those complainers are just paid professional trouble makers, trying to ruin Milo’s fun. Hypersensitive babies.

Ça fait beaucoup d’imbéciles ça, à s’alimenter à une source raciste, encourageant les violences par ses narratifs de peur, de division, d’exclusion, dénigrante de toute opinion divergente, sympathique aux repressions brutale, aux guerres économiques, pris dans leur nombrilisme passif et niai, narcissistes en quête de gloire et de richesses.

Même si vous pensez qu’en les ignorants, en leur portant pas attention, en n’en parlant pas, … “ignorer la vérité ne la change pas” …
… que ça passera, ça s’éteindra tout seul … qu’il y a pas assez de specimen prime exemple de la bêtise humaine pour leur donner aucun vrai pouvoir?

Milo -> Breitbart -> Trump


Context: Internet troll “celebrity” gets invited to Real Time with Bill Maher, on HBO.

Journalist Jeremy Scahill, also invited, refuses to share a platform with the known racist, overall bigoted, alt-right provocateur.

The Stimulator says Jeremy Scahill taking the high ground deprived us of what could have been his “punch a nazi” moment… we will never know. Felt like a lose-lose situation to me, although I respect the decision and agree with his explanation of why it was the right one,when Stim puts that way :D
it’s hard to argue

It’s really too bad that Jeremy Scahill took the “high ground” and backed out of debating Milo Yiannopoulos. Instead of a radical owning that racist sexist troll, it was establishment folks who slapped him around. And who knows, this could have been Scahill’s punch a nazi moment.

Dick Coughlan takes it on, and gets it right:

We could just leave it at that… nails it proper…


Just a few more highlights, headlines, articles, following up the broadcast, breaking it down…

 (“confront” ?!? hardly)

Bill Maher Shows Us Why You Can’t Platform Fascists

Milo was given a massive HBO audience to spread his bigotry and the audience saw the host do nothing to counter it.

Bill Maher and Milo Yiannopoulos Find Common Ground

«He has ample venues to spew his hateful diatribes,» Mr. Scahill said. «There is no value in ‘debating’ him.»
Mr. Maher followed with his own statement that said, «If Mr. Yiannopoulos is indeed the monster Scahill claims — and he might be — nothing could serve the liberal cause better than having him exposed on Friday night.»

Exposed? Unfortunately no. More like trivialized, applauded, and normalized, laughed along with in good camaraderie, before inviting each other for beers…

Speaking to his audience, Mr. Maher said, “Stop taking the bait, liberals,” and asked how they could be afraid of someone he described as “little, British, impish” and a slur for gay people. The two men shook hands, and Mr. Maher moved on to his panel discussion.

– Maher & Yiannopoulos – two garbage scows passing in the night –

Describing himself as «a virtuous troll,» Mr. Yiannopolous said, «I hurt people for a reason.»
And that reason is he’s a mendacious piece of shit. Maher, who various people keep insisting is a wit who Challenges the B.S. of Bothsides, can’t bestir himself to ask his guest to elaborate on his reasons for hurting people.

I wonder how much HBO pays for Maher to wrestle with poorly constructed straw men?

and I’m sure there’s plenty more out there too.


It’s like watching some bizarre Twilight Zone version of mud wrestling
(Tucker shows up at around 10m30)

“Fascists are not welcome at an anti-fascist conference!” -Jeffrey Tucker, heckling Richard Spencer, ISFLC2017

Wait, wut?

“Libertarianism is about human dignity, liberty for all, and not about fascism!”

Actually, “libertarianism” is about … awww, you know what, nvm…

“You came here to troll us!”

Tucker, please, you’re ruining my severe dislike of libertarians

“Your hands are just as dirty if you let the State do violence on your behalf!”

eh… Tucker? You ok?

“if you’re willing to use the State to target minorities, there’s no reason those minorities shouldn’t target you.”

Well then, mother fucker, you had to go and earn yourself some respect. Fuck off, you have now graduated from “person I thoroughly do not like” to “person I somewhat dislike”

now off to go wash up my thumb

think I’m gonna populate this with more pictures, and make it a page instead… idk, so many good ones to make the link with president supervillain… yeah, most def

The fake news media is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the american people!!