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Going to be adding a bunch a pages over the next few weeks, mostly to have a section for my drawings, paints, graphics, photos and that kind of thing. I’ve already worked out several entries but I didn’t want to put up anything just yet until I was done with a few projects. It used up a lot of time specially over the last week… I’ll have a post for this particular request piece which occupied so much of my attention. I would have started with that however… couple weeks backs, before the production rush and little trip it required, something happened that had been promised by the landlords almost a decade ago !!!

At long last the floor has been replaced. No more stinky carpets. I can finally set this box up the way I like and it actually looks nice. Obviously the tree didn’t quite fit, I had to work around that. And the assembling instructions didn’t cover the sawing the thing in half part so I had to improvise.

Next up, giant poster frames of Léonard to hang in between the shelves and the cat elevator, over the smaller one that’s up there right now, which I’ll lower a bit.

I’ve already picked a short list for which ones to use for that.

(before his coller got really HUGE!)

and maybe some minis of the many adorably cute poses he offers up all the time… so many!

(and this one here in medium for the wall left of the refrigerator)

While I’m at it, might as well, did photos of the rest of the place so if ever that’s a thing you can analyse the shit out of how I fill up where I spend like over 99.93851, up to 99.98351% – the math is made up so it doesn’t matter – of my time when I’m not having to be somewhere else, and how I decorate said place, at your leisure and convenience, supposing, I guess, if that’s a thing.

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Behind the sink and fridge there’s the bathroom, and behind that a storage locker with the fuse box and stuff like that. On the left of that little hallway to the side there’s closet space all the way back and to the wall where the exit is.

… it took some time to write this all up since I needed to wait to be entirely done with the whole room. Made sense to combine all these things into one post, makes a mean screensaver, looks awesome – if a bit with a creepy surreal feel, seeing it from in here and all, looking at the picture on the screen showing the room same as I’m seeing it with my eyes… half expecting to turn around and see myself staring back at me.

“Hi! Watcha doin?”