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Feels like I haven’t done one of these things since like forever… the iFan being rather dull (still squeaks alot when its head turns side to side, shitty 1. releases…) and the iFridge getting a rather cold reception.

Anyway, this new blade looks way better than the old one. Plus it’s new, ish. It was left behind in a boutique and found by the new owners. It traces back to some generic mass production line in Taiwan, there’s a little thing with the color in the handle and a little loose in the metal fixture covering where the blade sinks in the handle, but it snaps shut just snug and tightly, and is surprisingly sharp (despite being described as “unsharpened”… not much far from razor like, sure)! Small indentations in the wood finish at the top and bottom ends, and a little scrape near the tip on one side of the sheath, likely from regular hanging and repeated pick-up and put-backs. Seems well balanced and will produce a satisfying swooshing sound under the appropriate circumstances.

It’s much sharper than it’s smaller counterpart, which shows signs of use along the blade and has taken much damage including an impact leaving the odd bend in the lower half of the handle grip. I’ll just put the shorter one on the shelves back where it was, the longer one doesn’t fit there no how, and this way not much changes in the decor of the apartment. And it just looks great there.


send pizza

Come at me yer dirty scoundreling pirates

tell me, which one will you grab for first, the chest or the sword ?
Or just send pizza, that’ll work too, I still like the pizza.

send more feather toys

Wasn’t planning on this, turns out real nice though. Here’s the page I was putting the finishing touches on today before I dun got distracted by the new steel.