Trying to come up with a sales pitch… not working out to well:

“You don’t want to fuck with Capicorn do you? Great! You’re the perfect candidate then. Adopt one today!

Look at the big derpy ears, the sweet big black eyes full of fire and wonder gazing right back at you. Look at that wild and hungry smile! You’ll see. They’re full of playful joy, kind, sensible and delicate spirits… just don’t fuck with them, basically. You’ll be ok.”

“Please, it’s creeping me out! It stares at me, all the time. Buy it I beg of you! Get it away from me!”

(shhh, it’s just a joke dear, you’re not that creepy. Not to me at least. Well, maybe a little bit. No, that’s not the point. These people they… ugh… nvm… No I would… Ok. … I’m sure someon… Yeah, maybe we’l…. Yeah, sure but coul…. uh huh…)


Seems I’ve gotten ahead of myself again. Trying to make heads or tails of all these inscriptions, lines and passages, is really messing with my head. Adding more entries to the -bda- collection will require a lot more time and research. I’d rather a proper presentation for when it intersects with occult matters before getting too much into the sci-fi fantasy aspects, the sorta satirical elements of the write ups. Some things are harder to spell out, and because many out there still genuinely keep to sacred traditions, carry forward the ancestral lore and the wisdom they hold, and protect the secrets of their power, it would be foolish, short sighted stupidity, to deny them their value and importance. In this age, advances in our understanding of the world, science and technology, have helped strip away the many layers of superstition surrounding these things. It can get hard to tell them apart, and with all the hacks and pink cloud money chasers to boot, hella confusing too. Plus no one’s interested in Capicorn so there’s no rush… I am getting though a strong vibe indicating there’s much misinterpretation as to my motive and such… that should pass. There’s too many pieces missing from the puzzle, and too many dumb things rotting peoples’ brains preventing them from seeing what’s being put in focus, so instead they jump to the easiest conclusions, grab onto some random thought or impression, and ride it pathetically away. Here’s the thing: no worries. Someone in the right mindset might come along, and have something smart and constructive to say about it. Someone who doesn’t overthink the simple while oversimplifying the elaborate, without reading too much into things accidental letting it take the time to reveal its essential. Form and essence… …or just someone who likes the pictures :)

Until then…


Just me and the cat. Unemployable and living it large (apparently… living large trapped inside a barely 350 sq. foot studio apartment). Flat out broke, sick, broken, certifiably insane, and yet still managing to inspire jealousy and envy, rage and outrage. Nah, no money. No love either. No friends. No ties. No prospects. Your perfect target, ugh? Kicking since 1995, and beyond on some things, many things, so STFU with the millennial bullshit and the pop-culture spiritual garbage. FU -> .,l,,

It gets a bit cyberpunk at places too, some technical aspects giving it a futuristic edge… unavoidable context: the times are cyberpunk as fuck and these are a product of their time. It seeks to look forward as much as to follow in the old. It’s like diving into the unknown ahead. Awkward corporate things too, politics, trade secrets, privatized knowledge… impractical things. For all those things… looking at it from the outside… yeah, I get it. Some things are harder to spell out.

Getting distracted, confused, disoriented… it’s like I’m having to remind myself I’m not what the markings these things were inspired from are supposed to ward against. Even the mundane descrips are getting to me…

I thought I could do more of this. Turns out not really… so back to the scrapbooks, notepads and random pages. Back to reading silly comics, making sounds on guitar strings and lines on paper. Otherwise it’s just circles…

The little Capicorn manual is still on, so are the certificate-cards. I’m just going to hold off on the fantasy sections until I figure out a better occult introduction, that way I can at least put up some of the artwork without having to fuss too much over them.

Reading over this post… sigh… Better to just let it go for now, yup, most def.