“If what you’re telling me is true, and I have no reason to say otherwise, then your story does (not) need to be heard. Most importantly only if you need to say it. You have to find people who will help you do that, you need someone who’ll have your trust, and an undeniable bias towards your situation. That I have to communicate with you like this is therefor an obvious sign that such a person is not me.

If that’s what you want, and you can get the attention of those with authority in this matter, with the unaptly termed powers of justice, you’ll need to be prepared to tell everything in detail. Everything that comes to mind. I can’t imagine this will be easy. You have to be ready to expose everything, no matter how uncomfortable it might make you feel. You’ll have to describe in minutia how it happened as best you can, you’ll be saying everything you remember about these events to people who don’t want to believe you, and possibly never will. Everyone will try and judge you. You’ll need to be prepared of course, you’ll have gone through it over and over again by then.

No matter how hard it will be, and whatever the outcome, if you see this through and either way, your stand won’t be forgotten there and you will find all the strength and support that you need.”

Yours truly have nothing to fear