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Espace arts visuels, graphismes, dessins, photos, déviations, memes, meubles, altérations, graffiti, peintures, designs, web, caricatures, …


  • Formes “Shapes” (2003-2009)
  • Série -bda- series (2011-présent)

cahiers, croquis, affiches, dessins, oeuvres hors séries…

photographies, natures, voyages, chat…

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THE BOOK OF CAPITALISM - (an unfinished work in progress) on what is and isn't anarchy.anarkcd

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AnPool & Capicorn : why settle for just one fallacy when you can have all of them for just the low low price of riding a magic unicorn ? (for the most part originally posted to fishbook)

extras : (memes, mods, deviations, this album is also on facebucks with other cat toys)



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