Inner Demons

It’s kind of hard to figure out for me, at this point, on things like this. Sure, I could share this directly, post it somewhere, or host it myself… point is, if I get blocked from hosting it on services like YouTube and such, not sure there’s any point in trying too much, especially if they keep on wanting to make things complicated. Problem is they keep trying to change the rules too… at some point… you know.

Maybe most of this is irrelevant anyway. No sense in dragging on. If some suit or low level bureaucrat gets his fix on flipping a switch on this thing then I guess this page will end up looking rather pointless, again. Otherwise, please enjoy this character how-to. I did put in quite a bit of effort into making it as par with the game as I could, as it can be I’m not sure that would be possible.

This is as much a tribute to the game as it is to the character, to the creators of this awesome game, and to all the well wasted hours of pure rock-paper-scissor fun it provided its fans to this day.