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Here’s a list of most of the media I ended up listening to last month. It took longer than I’d have like -it’s already the 5th, more on that after the list:

In French, from 89.4FM in Paris, France:
Artracaille le 03/07/2018 (show notes)
– presse papier
Le château de By et Rosa Bonheur
le 10/07/2018 (show notes)
– presse papier
– Guernica, Sabra et Chatilla, Ronan Barrot et Claude Bernard
le 24/07/2018 (show notes)
presse papier
Louis Marie Faudacq et Eugène Boudin (rediff du 8 août 2017)
Again, from Radio Libertaire still:
Intifada (show notes and more)
– émission du 3 juillet 2018 (1h)
– émission du 24 juillet 2018 (1h)
The shows were off air on some weeks, but some other interesting content (usually on Fridays) instead. Ended up listening to the station online some more too, which I hadn’t done in a while. Schedules, shows and streaming links @ radio-libertaire.net/

This next section is of shows k1bbles is following on soundcloud.com:
Citations Needed
– episode 43: RussiaGate Year 3 – How Liberals’ Martial Posture Harms the Left
– episode 44: RussiaGate Year 3 – Using the Nonstop Specter of Russia to Tarnish Black Activists
– episode 45: The Not-So-Benevolent Billionaire – Bill Gates and Western Media
End of the Line
– episode 19: Mud
– episode 20: Stay
Interference Archive
– Audio Interference 46: Bread and Puppet Theater
– Audio Interference 52: SisterSerpents
– Audio Interference 53: Appalachian Movement Press
Radical People
– EF! and AIM Shutdown ICE Columbus!
– My Hearts Home
Radical Underground
Updates on Anarchist Prisoners in Yogyakarta/Mapuche Resistance/Prison Strike
Rustbelt Abolition Radio
– Native Resistance and the Carceral State
The Rebel Beat
– Sounding off with the anarchist music journalists
Working Class History
– episode 1: The Grunwick strike, 1976
– episode 2: The Angry Brigade, part 1
– episode 3: The Angry Brigade, part 2
– episode 4: Anti-Nazi youth movements in World War II
– episode 7: The West Virginia mine wars, 1902-1922

In this section are links to youtube videos (my liked videos playlist here)
Maoist Rebel News Is A Transphobe (11m)
What’s My PhD On? (12m)
The West (23m30s)
Libertarian Socialist Rants
– The Case Against Hierarchy (2018) (18m30s)
– The Case for Liberty (2018) (17m)
Punks For Progress
– Patriot Prayer: God’s Violent Fascists (1h22m)
– WTF! 7-3-18 Tribute to Steve Soto, Army Church Circle Jerk, “Civility”, and more…
– OccupyICEPDX Chases Off the Kops! (5m45s)
– Make Racists Afraid Again – #DefendDC Aug.10th-12th (2m)
– The Snowflake Generation? A Response to Thoughty2 (24m)
The Juice Media
– Honest Government Ad | Visit the Northern Territory (2m30s)
Three Arrows
– The Destruction of History? – A Response to Dave Rubin and Others (26m)
– [MIRROR] South Africa | The Far Right PART 1 (45m)
The mirrored video from Three Arrows is originally from Rational Disconnect‘s channel, which has an interesting collection of essays I ended up listening to as well. Other channels I don’t follow on a regular basis, or would necessarily recommend, but that might raise some good points here and there, have some redeemable qualities with research and good production values, and that were clicked on by my mouse for some reason or another in a moment of somewhat acute boredom, include Some More News (If You Don’t Want To Be Called A Fascist, Stop Supporting Trump, A Fascist – 19m), Knowing Better (Just Plain Racist – 18m, Subverting the Narrative | Holocaust Denial and the Lost Cause – 20m, Out of Context: How to Make Bad History Worse | World War 2 – 19m, Historical Revisionism and Japan – 24m), and Peter Coffin (
Overpopulation, Eugenics + Adjacent BS – 51m).

The last section links to content hosted across a variety of different sites:
Anews Podcast
– episode 70
– episode 71 TOTW Borders
– episode 72 TOTW Reverse Hierarchy
episode 73 TOTW Anarchy and Escapism
AW@L Radio
– Animal Cruelty Whistleblower Malcolm Klimowicz
B(A)D News
Angry voices from around the world, via Enough is Enough – episode 13 (32m)
Black & Green Podcast
– episode 5: Cult of personality and no gods, no gurus edition
The Brilliant
– episode 73 – Heretics I: Lew
– episode 74 – Heretics II: Rotn
Dissident Island Radion
– Episode 216
– Episode 217
The Final Straw
– OccupyICEPDX and J20 Updates
End Prison Slavery: National Prison Strike 2018, Aug 21st- Sept 9
– Charles E. Cobb, Jr, on “This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed”
Indigenous Resistance in so-called B.C. and Mattole Forest Blockade in CA
Donald Rooum, pt1: Author, Cartoonist + Anarchist
From Embers
– No Pride in Genocide
– Conversation with an anarchist person of colour from Montreal
– Anti-Fascism in Quebec
It’s Going Down
– Crisis, Addiction, Survival: Interview with Queer Appalachia
– Inside, Outside, All On the Same Side: Prison Strike Round Table
– Antifa in the UK: Growing a Movement In an Age of Far-Right Riots
Kite Line
– episode 102: Anti-Detention Occupations from Australia to America
– episode 103: Anti-Detention Occupations from Australia to America, Part Two
– Another Word for White Ally is Coward – Audio Zine (15m)
No Trouble for this month, but two TFN and a few video ninja clips.
Here are some youtube links:
– TFN #15: Chinga La Migra (7m)
– TFN #16: Klanada’s Coming Pipeline War (7m)
Affinity: Beyond Friendship (3m)
Hamilton Rent Strike Storms the Courthouse (45s)
France: 3rd Day of Rioting After Police Murder (30s)
All Out This August! (42s)
– Not the fucking news again (1h)
– Interview from the Balkan route: Refugee Mother Tells Of Police Brutality (18m)
Yelling At Racist Dogs Tom Tanuki (9m)
Tought Maybe
– Human Resources (2h)
– The Gállok Rebellion (32m)
Unicorn Riot
– Eight Arrested During ‘Abolish ICE’ Protest at General Dynamics (2m)

after the list

I delayed posting this because I was building a spreadsheet template to keep track of all the media I follow, I would’ve done this earlier but figured just a list on a notepad would be fine, not so much. Just trying to come up with a method with which I can hold notes on these things (like runtimes, I’ll be including those next time) without too much effort or fiddling around, from across various websites, browsers, and apps.

That should be just about most if not all of it. Please let me know if you find any broken links. Thanks, and happy listenings.