Nature Hike

Here I’d like to talk about music, post links to some tracks I’ve been working on or that I have been carrying around with me for a while. I started playing guitar quite some time ago, starting with metal, then gradually learning new styles like jazz and blues. In 2004 I picked up a classical guitar, and started to learn Andres Segovia partitions. Though I rarely play anymore, I still know a couple pieces well enough, remember most of the originals I made over the years, and can still remember how to play Seek and Destroy and Master of Puppets… seeing I played those ones so much I’ll probably won’t forget them so soon XD

Anyway, it’s just another one of those things I really enjoy but sadly don’t have the time or energy to go all out on like I used to (… music came before everything else, my grades will testify to that :) I’ve a couple indie albums over the years, but nothing worth mentioning really, just jam sessions and practice tracks… not sure I actually sold that many, a dozen at most, gave most of them away to friends and acquaintance…

That’s about it for now… let me stop this here by linking BasaSuperNova, which a friend recently helped me out with by fixing some sound quality issues I’ve been having. The track is from the first series of CD back in 2001.

… or not… not working sorry, the track won’t embed and I don’t want you to leave for some external link so I’ll use this video I made using the same track instead XD