Badly Drawn Animals #50


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59 individual line segments with their bends, corners and curves, aligning to form a total of 60 separate shapes which are colored so as to have each shape in frame be directly adjacent to at least one of the 13 black filled spaces. 10 of them are colored blue, 9 of them red, 8 of them grey and 7 of them white. The remaining 13 shapes retain the paper background’s texture.

Badly drawn animal #50 (click thumbnail for gallery and full-size image) :

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Badly Drawn Animals #49


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This bda, like most of them really, is not properly done justice to by the usual descriptive rundown of its main and predominant features. It’s been said about it however, in fact again like most of the other bda featured on this site, to have been known to reveal the secrets of its inner workings to one who’d dare stare at it for long enough. Or in other words, and from a certain point of view perhaps, to one who’d dare stare at it for far too much longer than is necessary.

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June Update. Drums!


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So it’s been over a year now since I started to learn to play drums and I wanted to revisit Traffic Jam, a track that basically got it’s start when I was hitting various objects laid about in my living room. With some relative success I managed to transcribed the beat, melody, or whatever it is, into a midi file to use as a trainer for the drum kit I had by then already decided I was going to be getting. Never did learn it on the actual drums though, beyond the basic groove and trying out bars a couple at a time.

Listened to it repeatedly these past weeks. At some point I was thinking of fixing it up, rearranging parts here and there, but one year later I’m still stumped. This’ll remain its final form I guess: the same track, basically identical but for a few details here and there, repeated five times at different tempos pasted together starting fast and slowing down to the middle section (the part with crickets and such in the background, the speed at which bar by bar I was trying it out on the drums) before then speeding back up again and fading out. Traffic Jam, the full commute.

Apart from rudiment practice, exercises, basic motions and licks, fills and whatnot, most of my time spent playing on the drums has been dedicated to Liquid Volts and, to a lesser extent, Ride Muffins. The mid section of Ride Muffins is a tad (cough cough) out of my reach right now, to say the least, so I’m not putting that much effort into it. I do very much enjoy its feel though, and playing around looping its variations much fun.

Liquid Volts Pie (or Liquid Volts π) has in 3/4 a target tempo of 90bpm – actually I initially wrote it in 120bpm, using triplets and the odd shuffle on the bass. So far, I’m quite consistent and very comfortable with it at 72bpm, reading off the 3/4 notations, and getting better at 80bpm although that pretty much seems to be where I’m capped out for now. Warmed up and in good shape I can manage up to 83bpm, slowly bumping up the ticker as I repeat it over and over. I still have much ways to go for a tight and smooth take at 90bpm. Not so much in the first half which is very much in my reach, but particularly in the second half where… eh…. yeah. Getting better and better however, every time I feel up to the challenge.

This is the best record I got for so far, not bothering with the slower tries. Beside the obvious timing issues, my by problem is with loudness and hit detection on the cymbals, which is why I’m peaking at around 80bpm where I’m currently having a hard time keeping their hits consistent and even, with appropriate accentuation while also keeping the snare crunchy. I’ve tried tweaking the kit’s sensitivity since I seem to find myself often riding the mid point between soft and hard hits (seeing as they are an electronic drum’s virtual cymbals), but it’s mostly just a question of practice.

Speeding up the video by about 15% would produce the result I’m looking for here, as in a 3 minute 14 second playtime. Getting there, 1 bpm at a time :)

Leaves Today


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So I mixed up Liu and Ruyu
Mistook Xue for Xe, Wei and Liu
Where Wei strokes are in Xue anyway
And pronounced Liu only when before Ye

Shouldn’t be much of a big deal
Sometimes it’s Xiao or Chu instead too

Easy to mistake for either Guang Hao, I guess.
Or with Cao, much like Yin, ends almost the same.
Now there’s either Mu, Zhuan, or Tong as well… sigh
It can only three characters Wei Liu Ye: Wei Liu, or Xiao Wei?

(and I can`t even yè)

Leaves today

Small bleeding leaves
It leaves little bloodshed

Bleedleaf didn’t bleed that day
So bleeding leaves bled

Leaf bleeding leaves bloodshed

The leaves are bleeding
But not bleeding Bleedleaf

Bleedleaf does not bleed