Suicide by Fascist Capitalism



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I’ve always been somewhat of an anti-authoritarian. I was always more of a non-conformist in many aspects. I took the advance classes with the rest of the nerds, spent a lot of time playing video games and boardgames, hung out with the skaters and the punks, partied with the metalheads, the rockers, the hippies, and I even played in some of their bands.
I went to college cause why the fuck not, it’s just debt… after three years and as many different programs, I was abducted from my apartment by police and taken to a medical facility where I was tortured for several weeks before being sent to jail. I’ve pondered over the details so many times already, I’m not sure it’s even worth trying describing it anymore.

I have no clue who my real parents are. I’ve been told too many lies already.

In the late 90s, while I was in college and holding a steady job, I was taken to a psychiatric hospital to be medically tortured, physically, and psychologically through a process I’ve come to understand as gaslighting. I can only assume it was as a result of political and social profiling. Or so the official story goes: my legal guardian at the time having been convinced by an ultra-religious uncle, who decided after having had only a short conversation with me in who knows how many years, and that’s about it, that I was into demons and hard drugs or some shit, and that this was the best course of action to deal with it.

And then of course, after that, everyone is just doing their jobs.

From time to time whenever they felt like it, they would give me some loose, sometimes just a little. I was even allowed to leave, sometimes, by one doctor only for another to have me brought back if I did, and then punished for escaping. After the long weeks spent strapped to tables or locked up in padded rooms, drugged, deceived at every turn and manipulated, mindfucked… I escaped several times, I guess. Police were never far behind to bring me back either way though, whether I fled or was let go.

I was eventually sent to jail for violence against one of my captors. Basically, for refusing to consent to their treatments and diagnosis. For several weeks then, I was moved to a different cage. I was found not guilty of whatever it was they conjured up and ordered never to go near that place again. No one wants to hear about this, that’s the story: it didn’t happen, it can’t be real. I need help, I need meds, I need to get over it, no one wants to hear about this. I’m just lying anyway you’re probably thinking. In any case, it just follows the same “there’s nothing to be done about it” from referral to referral and back again to some different uncivil servant only interested in which box to check and where to stamp the rubber.

The story goes on past the time living the streets, the years then spent being a hostage to street gangs (cause where the fuck did you expect me to end up?), defrauded, beaten and under constant harassment by both them and law enforcement thugs, skipping over other ordeals I’d rather not go into right now, and the mundane employments, the community service work, the back to school schtick, the injuries and illnesses, accidents and personal conflicts, bullshit jobs, bullshit bosses, bullshit bullshiters, to the cancer that signalled my definite retirement from the “job” market just a couple years back now.

I am unable to maintain any sort of stable occupation, again. I never was. I have nothing but contempt for this world of fascist for-profit existence. Because I have to, I live on the credit cards which I managed to get while being a student at university, with these days a deficit of around 500$ each month being as low as I allow myself. My medical situation barely allows me beyond basic welfare support, which by itself doesn’t even cover food, shelter and utilities. Without that credit, if and once they take it away, the streets, with everything that entails, is soon to be the next stop. Going by how things are now I’d expect in a couple years at most. Either jail or the morgue follows, it’s practically unavoidable. Too many triggers.

A total of at least an extra 1300$ a month would be needed to cover minimum living expenses, and all the prescriptions and therapies for which I obviously and of course don’t qualify for coverage for.


Donations of 15$ or more would get you a hand-bound notebook if you so desired, blank or with your suggested content printed inside, simply email with your details first. Once the initial production models are used up however, I plan to raise the minimum to 25$. A few of the newer books, made of new paper (blank on both sides for double the usable pages) and natural wool, are already available.
Donations over 10$ give you the option of ordering a Capicorn, or any other available -bda-, for free. Again, please provide with details by email or message first. Feel free to ask any question you may have, start up a chat, send dick pics and such.

Similar gifts will be offered to those who offer monthly support through patreon (soon-ish)


Arts Department Overhaul



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I spent a long time pondering over exactly how to organize the various things I wanted to have on my arts blog, from painting, sketches, drawings and digital constructs, furniture, designs, texts, texts set to music, videos about music… stories, songs, images, and poems for people places and sometimes even for things that don’t exist, or that do, or that sometimes one then the other… It’s a bit of a mess, there’s a lot of overlap, but the runes are a good place to start saddled in riding a fine line between sci-fi fantasy and reality, not entirely fiction yet not at all made up.

I’m working on a general introduction page for the specifics on the types of xenography and lore used in the rune carvings involved in most of the works I’m referring to here. What they are, where they’re from, how they work and stuff like that. I’ll post the link to it somewhere over here once I’m done, maybe. It won’t be till a while though as I’m not currently done with the mundane cards and little booklets which will be included with each signed piece (and which have in them a glossary of sorts along with parts of said general introduction… ), and shouldn’t be for a couple months still, mostly. Sometime before the next year I guess. I’ll slowly have a few here and there ready as time goes.

I have enough entries to get it rolling even despite that, mostly from the “Shapes” collection, the -bda- series, and a few odds and ends in between. Going over these entries and building up the visual arts section of the blog and website, that’s pretty much what’s lined up for the next couple of weeks, and more. Plus there’s always that unexpected to prepare. For, to prepare for.

Speaking of which. There’s also a special project that’s near completion. It’s basically at the final stage, waiting on the ressource logistics related stuff to move forward with production and distribution… (there’s a working model in my kitchen, shhh). Having a useable image of that one finally assembled is basically what’s holding me back on a couple of things.

(SPOILER: it’s an air-freshener device)
That special project should be done before the end of this summer, and I should be able to set up the page using the prototype long before then. By then I also should have the dozen or so already planned out items either ready or missing minor details for completion. It’s hard to be more precise when there’s such a variety of factors to deal with… hand painted one-time pieces don’t require the same attention, and because their card-certificate and manual won’t need to be itself replicated unlike the digital and print variety, they don’t get elaborated in the same way.
All these things need to be hand written, hand bound and signed.

So enough with the chatter and distractions… other entries in the rune section of the arts catalogue won’t get this much of a fluffed up intro, if at all, as in meaning it’ll probably be much more brief once all that other stuff is out of the way…


If you read this far might as well keep going before looking at the piece’s write up. Seems like it’s part of the recommended intake, what’s coming up next. It’s been designed to provide soft entertainment while your monitor refreshes, and research has proven it to be effective in improving satisfaction when consumed prior to consultation.

The following is a dramatic reconstruction based on the testimony of one satisfied customer who installed Capicorn on a tile leading up to the entrance of their house.

Details have been changed to protect the ignorant.
The impossible doesn’t happen, otherwise it would be possible.

The following material contains content matter of a graphic nature, reader discretion is advised. Like, seriously… stick to the mundane facts and look over some less elaborate – more sober – entries. This one here in French, the digital-guin (penciled actually), has been available for a while by now: it’s something yellow that hangs in the bathroom, and that’s all you need to know. All those in the Shapes collection are also usually much lighter on the brain and should be ready for browsing soon.
I’ve debated over this enough already, Capicorn is the better frontrunner on this one. There’s nothing else like them.

(Shh… it’s starting.)

-“Jesus fucking Christ Alllmighty son of eh… Marie Mother of God Sweet fucking Mercy what the Hell is going on!!”

A tallish person in a suit, holding a briefcase in the left hand and some kind of pamphlet in the other, is standing as if frozen mid-stride on the side of a road near an opening in some bushes where a small path laid in stone bricks leads up to a house on a foresty hill. Someone comes in from somewhere behind the trees, holding a gardening shovel in one of their gloved hands, their face in a deep shadow cast by the large straw hat shielding them from the bright morning sun rising over the horizon behind. They walk along the path and stop to stand besides the paralyzed pedestrian.

-“Oh, hi there. Beautiful day isn’t it?”

-“Beautiful day!? Wtf is this? I can’t move, like at all! except to talk, apparently…”

-“Are you stuck there? You don’t seem to be moving at all.”



-“Yeah. Mmmm…”

-“Do you know who you are?”

-“What does that even mean? Holy Shit Hell! What’s going on? Of course I know who I am, what the bloody fucking hell? Look at me! I’m frozen mid step. I can’t move! (except to talk, for some strange reason) Anymore helpful questions?”

-“Yes, possibly. Do you remember where you were going, or what you’re doing here?”

-“What I’m doing here?! Are you kidding? I’m stuck here! I was walking along, going up this road, and here I am now in full rigor. As stiff as a board and somehow managing to stay upright. I can’t even blink! It doesn’t even feel like I’m breathing anymore either. Planted here like a statue staring at that stone in the ground. That’s what I’m doing. That and wanting to not be stuck like this anymore so I can get away from here. That feeling is getting stronger by the minute and you’re not helping.”


-“You don’t say.”

-“Hold on, this won’t hurt one bit.”
(gently pokes the trapped victim in the shoulder with the end of the shovel)

-“wha… Oh. Wow. Blessed be the Lord that feels good! phew… Ok, thanks but ho… wwhawwddd di … ddd .owwWWWWAAARAFPHGAGAGGAARRRGG!\!!$\%%#!%!#!&&%*”
(collapses on the ground both hands clawing frantically their head at the temples, obviously in great pain)

-“Oh, right, that part. I always forget about that part. I don’t know why it does that.”


-“Anyway, looks like it’s over now. You’ll be fine. Say, you wouldn’t mind telling me which eye that was? Which side you felt that pain in, would you? That’d be very helpful, thanks.”

Small booklets, papers and pamphlets fly everywhere as the briefcase hits the ground and opens after its owner jerks up, wildly flings it away and runs.


And that’s why it’s hard to keep reliably accurate statistics on these things.

Here’s a look at some other pieces I’m working on a page for:

Not sure which one I’ll finish editing next, this should be in a couple of days I guess. I’ll publish the pages as they get done, and update them as the cards and booklets get finalized. I’ll hit the blog again by this time next week to sum up where things are at overall, after which I might not get the opportunity to post for a bit…
… already feels like July is just around the corner.

Free Submarine Rides

That’s how it gets. Just trying to write a short comment to stick in the video descriptions and well, there you have it: wall of text.


If you can’t understand French, basically, so-called-Québec’s homegrown crew of mighty morphing fashy furries did their usual fashy furries mighty morphing thing. Yay, not really.

As per usual, media did their best to not really tell the whole story, mostly glossing over the group’s disturbingly fascist qualities to point out how certain antifascist counter-demonstrators were violent and disrespectful of laws and the police in general, noting along way how such riotous displays of not niceness to things actually bolster the mighty fashy morphing furries credibility and political legitimacy in the eyes of the great mythic legendary creature of awesomeness called Public Opinion. Cause of course, beating up on fascists and their police only makes them more likable. When will these masked goons antifa thugs ever learn!!?!!?

Provocation fasciste…
Provocation fasciste…
Provocation fasciste…
Provocation fasciste…
Provocation fasciste…
Provocation fasciste…
Provocation fasciste…

Des casseurs qui n’ont (présumément) pas su se tenir! Faisons abstraction de la menace, ne racontons surtout pas tout et crions Victoire!

“Si quelqu’un avait des doutes sur pourquoi nous sommes ici aujourd’hui…”
“La liberté d’opinion politique. La liberté de penser. La liberté d’expression. J’pense qu’on a raison de militer pour ces lois-la parce qu’on a vu aujourd’hui que c’est des lois qui sont en danger dans notre société québécoise.”

C’est évident par le fait qu’on tolère des groupes fascistes comme le sien de manifester publiquement et de s’exprimer. Les tolérer, ces fascistes conscients et ceux-celles collaborateurs imbéciles, c’est d’apporter renfort à la violente menace déjà trop bien réelle que représente le simple fait de leur présence. C’est une menace constante et directe à la liberté qu’on voit souvent se faire nier. Le fascisme n’est pas, et ne sera jamais, une expression acceptable, en politique ou ailleurs. C’est pas une discussion. Il n’y a pas de dialogue possible.

Cassez tout ce que vous voulez casser, ça n’y changera rien.
“La Meute existe pour une bonne raison: défendre la démocratie, défendre la liberté d’expression.”

“Aujourd’hui on a montré au monde qui étaient les extrémistes, qui étaient les radicaux, qui étaient les pacifiques et les gens respectueux des lois.”

“On est content de pouvoir faire finalement notre manif. Je pense que c’est la victoire de l’ordre face au désordre. On a vu c’était qui, aujourd’hui, les extrémistes et les radicaux.
On a eu une excellente collaboration du service de police de Québec, on a collaboréEs avec eux aussi. Tout était planifié au quart de tour. La police de Québec c’est des gens excessivement professionnels. On est vraiment impressionnéEs de leur(s) service(s). On s’est senti en sécurité toujours, les familles, du début à la fin. Ils nous tenaient au courant des opérations en cours, du développement de la situation. Donc. Dans une société de droit, quand on est des citoyens respectueux des lois. C’est comme ça que ça fonctionne.”

>> Tous était planifié au quart de tour. <<

Ça fait qu’un tour complet ça serait dans les environs de 20h pogné dans un stationnement souterrain?

Si vous êtes tolérants face à ces gens-là, face à cette La Meute, vous êtes beaucoup plus intolérant que vous aimeriez bien vouloir le croire. C’est l’ignorance qui vous y conduit. D’une ignorante stupidité qui leur créditerait un quelconque gain pour cause de violences provoquées par leurs propres provocations, pour ne pas dire provoquées par la menace violente qui est explicite et indissociable du groupe lui-même.

Pour moi, il n’y en a pas plus qu’il y en a jamais eu, de raison d’être tolérant envers La Meute, ses sympathisants, ses membres, ses tolérants. Votre intolérance ne passera pas. Pensez-y bien, à tout ce que vous excluez en tolérant leur présence, ça ne vous sera peut-être pas évident tout-de-suite, surtout si ce n’est pas sur vous que pèsent leurs menaces ou que ciblent leurs provocations. Leur rhétorique vous plaît? Je vous déteste, il y a longtemps que vous auriez du le comprendre… au nombre de fois que je le répète. Vous devrez tuer, battre et infliger les tortures physiques et mentales qui vous plairont bien, à moi et beaucoup d’autres encore. Vous n’êtes que mensonges suivis de mensonges pour moi, des consommateurs de commodités, superficiels et niais au point de côtoyer volontiers et d’en rire au fait, de toutes ces espèces de trolls fascistes et Nazis. Face aux provocations fascistes publiques, médiatisées, et incessantes pour certains et plusieurs, dans une dégoutante posture de prétendu neutralité, vous vous faites la critique éclairée des réactions ansi suscitées.

C’est pas négociable.
Le neutre ici n’existe pas. Ça n’a jamais été et ça n’existe que dans les fabulations et les délires des naifs, de ceux et celles qui se refuse à la vérité de la violence fasciste, de ceux et celles qui s’en rendent complices par ce même fait.

Aucune discussion possible: non c’est non.
Quoi? Vous êtes ouvert à la possibilité d’une justification du fascisme vous? Légitimés par la finesse ou la psychologie, la prose ou l’élocution du discours de son orateur, ou par la force et la valeur des arguments choisis? Par si est dépassé le niveau arbitraire et subjectif, règlementaire, de la violence présumément incontrôlé de ces certainEs supposéEs émeutierEs qui furent, et le seront inévitablement encore à l’avenir encore et encore, provoquéEs par sa manifestation publique, du dit fascisme? Vous êtes ouvert à ça vous? Vous allez me dire que c’est tolérable peut-être? Que vous trouvez cela normal et sain, conforme au principe d’une saine liberté d’expression au sein d’une société de droit libre et démocratique?

Mon opposition au capital et son État me valent déjà le nom terroriste. Mon appui à son abolition, et violente si nécessaire (et comment ne la serait-elle pas?), à celle de la police, des prisons, des frontières, trouve ridicule qu’on se scandalise de quelques chaises et divers autres projectiles lancées en direction d’une police là pour ça et payer pour en plus, de ces quelques provocateurs.trices malmenéEs, de ces collaborateurs.trices et tous.tes ces fascistes en puissance qui n’en demandaient pas mieux, que cela fut en civil ou agissant en qualité de média.
De quelque privilège que cela soit, derrière lequel vous pouvez vous permettre une condamnation des casses lors de manifestations antifascistes…
Le blâme, tout le blâme, est celui de La Meute et celui de ceux-celles au pouvoir: police, mairie, gouvernements, qui collaborent avec elles et avec eux en leur accordant la légitimité. Les voilà vos coupables.

La réponse des casseurs, aussi intenable peut-elle être à vos yeux je m’en moque, n’excuse en rien La Meute ni les soit-disantes forces de l’ordre qui en sont les complices, n’ajoute en rien rien à sa crédibilité. La casse aurait-elle été pire? Toujours rien qui puisse rendre acceptable la provocation fasciste de La Meute. Toujours rien qui puisse leur retirer en quoi que ce soit de leur culpabilité. Toujours rien qui fasse de La Meute autre chose que ce qu’elle est.

Je suis déjà un terroriste, en bonne et due forme, qu’est-ce qu’une accusation de plus peut bien me faire? Fuck votre bienséance et politesse Nazi. Et puis fuck you too! Je me baignerai fièrement et gaiment, avec grande joie, et me laverai dans la coulée chaude de votre sang fraîchement versé, pour ensuite aller faire la parade sur Grande-Allée ayant orné mon corps nu de bijoux forgés de vos entrailles.
J’attend juste qu’on m’en signe le contrat et puis je suis tout vôtre.

Et je réitère, avec toute la hargne incontrôlé et indigeste digne d’une réponse à votre si respectueusement, d’une si noble politesse lancée, provocation, mon appui à l’insurrection violente et permanente, par tous les moyens possibles, visant l’abolition et le démantèlement des structures du pouvoir qui permettent ces gouvernements, ces fascistes partenaires du capitalisme mondial, ces écocidaires élitistes plutonomiques et suprémacistes, ces apologistes du génocide et de l’esclavage – qui en défendent violemment d’un avarice dévoué les fruits et les privilèges légués, ces vraies enemies du monde libre, ouvert, tolérant et humanisant. À mort, et à tous ces chiens, ces brutes et ces petitEs louveteaux pathétiques qui s’enorgueillissent à les défendre aussi, ça va sans dire.

Il n’y a pas de place au dialogue.
C’est pas en discussion.

Au pire, la provocation fasciste reste impunie. Sa violence n’en blesse pas moins. Sa menace pas plus fictive.
Sans conséquences pour qui la commet…
Au pire, la provocation fasciste trouve une réponse. Du moins c’est ce que ça se prétend mais c’est moche. Ça change rien. Ça se masturbe les neurones par de belles discussions et puis quoi? La violence n’en blesse pas moins. La menace pas plus fictive.
Encore, sans conséquences pour qui la commet…
Au pire, la provocation fasciste trouve sa juste réponse, et l’on condamnera la réponse, pendant que du côté fasciste on se pete les bretelles en se léchant les plaies.
Au pire, la provocation fasciste trouve sa juste réponse, et l’on poursuivra le répondant en justice. Reconnu coupable criminellement ou pas, cette personne aura déjà été puni de maintes façons d’ici là. Y a pas à dire, chez les fachos, c’est la fête.
Au pire, la provocation fasciste…

Dans le meilleur des cas, tous les fascistes sont mortEs (dépecées c’est optionnel et engendre des frais additionnels) ou ont d’une manière ou d’une autre abandonnéEs la cause, renoncéEs leur adhésion à l’idéologie, reconnaissant publiquement son erreur et s’en dissociant.



Eh ben, c’était ça mon court texte pour accompagner la vidéo…
… à travers tout ça j’ai probablement même pas écrit c’que j’avais en tête de dire quand je m’y suis mis avec l’intention d’y mettre quelques lignes au plus.

Title entered here


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send more kibble!!Quick post to update on the new eh… things, yeah. Things. Like these three new additions to the picture gallery (click for full sized image):

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The classical guitar section got boosted up by a video. Managed a decentish practice take on some Tárrega arrangements, updated the typical daily song list.

And that’s about it for the most part. Haven’t moved at all on the books front, though it’s what I had in mind for the weekend, and anyway supply far exceeds current demands for them. Additionally, going by this year’s number, currently stocked inventory is abundant enough to complete all orders forever so… like, no rush.

If you haven’t looked here in a while you’ll see a huge difference in the sidebar and menus, and if not well you might see some minor changes.

I wasn’t going to make a listens post or list for this week but I’ll mention a couple things. Like Rustbelt Abolition Radio, which I hadn’t clicked on yet when I made my post last week, and The Rebel Beat podcast I’m listening to while writing this.

In any case, to reduce mouse clicking attrition check out the list of co-conspirators over at Channel Zero Network. If you like what you see on that list, you might also like hearing they recently started up an uninterrupted audio stream from a mix of episodes from all of these shows. … !!! Yeah, go check it out.

(ed: wp is totally fucking up with the tweet embeds with this theme so… (does a weird blockquote thing idk))

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Weekly listens

So… wanted to get this done yesterday. Now I got even more listens coming in, listening to something right now! (Which I’ll pause and switch to something music while my attention is here)

Mostly just English podcasts and such, plus the arts history show Artracaille which is in French. Music playlists tend to be all over the place. I’ll start with that one then, since the shows I got noted down are all from last week, and use it as the time marker of sorts…

This week Artracaille was about a German artist, named Käthe Kollwitz, who worked with painting, printmaking and sculpture. The previous week was on a French printmaker, caricaturist, painter, and sculptor Honoré Daumier.

Sub.Media brought us Trouble #5 this weekend. Movement Defense Against State & Corporate Surveillance – You are being Watched
A fifth Burning Cop Car has also been set ablaze.

Another Honest Government Advert, this time on Wealth Care, from The Juice Media.

The Rebel Beat posted a special about Suena A Revolution and a summer playlist over on spotify.

There’s two The Final Straw episodes on this timeline: the one from the 25th with people from Radio98fm in Athens and the one from the 30th with an interview with author Margaret Killjoy on her book The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion.
Their blog also posted an archived episode from 2011: “On this, the anniversary of Sante Geronimo Caserio’s assasination in 1894 of French President Carnot, Bursts shared music about Caserio’s attentat (propaganda by the deed), music about Ravachol, about dynamite, about insurrection. The music is varied in style to say the least, but tied to the theme of direct actions.”

Horizontal Hostility came out with a 5th episode. This time with talking points around post-leftism, fascist creep, and Wolfi.

The week’s episode of Kile Line covers the recent demonstrations outside the Workhouse in St. Louis, Missouri.

Radical People Podcast came out with a first episode on the Tar Sands Blockade and Tree Sitting campaign of 2012-2013, I was just listening to ep2 called “Meat Anchors” about climbing and banner drops before writing this… fun stuff. Criminal dumping tho, I agree kinda stinks to go on record for…

Solecast #46: “Repression Is A Battlefield” talks with J20 defendant facing 75 years of jail time.

Revolutionary Left Radio put up an episode about the crisis in Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution.

I’m probably forgetting a few. I only started noting them down over the weekend but I’ll see about jotting this all down as I play them for the next posts, and there mostly all recurring shows anyhow … I can’t think of anything else for now.

I though ending the post with some more video links. BadMouse released a critique of UBI. Dick Coughlan has a new Racist Website Safari Hunt up as well as a more personal video explaining his health issues.

I was also discovering this Kevin Logan fellow and his “Decent of the Man-osphere” series which was kind of interesting… but then both his channels got deleted one then the other. So that’s that.

And this channel here, I also only recently found out and have been going through, which just recently published a nice take on immigration and the fall of Rome.

And that’s about it, since a week, for all the peeps and places I regularly click on these days. It’s Going Down is where I heard about many of these podcasts for the first time, so it’s a good idea to check them out. Speaking of which, I’m a go and turn back on this one here.

Lueur d’espoir?


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Dans une catégorie de réponse: pour n’oser dire rapide, empressée ou sans hésitation, d’où la source que j’ose espérer humaine se présente pareille à elle-même, qui semble saisir l’urgence de la situation.send more kibbles!!

Vous n’en n’êtes pas tanné de constamment parler à cette machine?

Et le retour, ne l’saura t’on jamais assez, sincère:

Vous pouvez partager, faire circuler, en rire sordidement au bord de l’abîme en relisant du Marat et ajoutez mon nom au chapeau de qui ont gravement besoin d’une révolution.

violence, survie, prison, privation, résistance, révolution, insurrection, illégalité, torture, non-conformité, piratage, précarité, brutalité policière, itinérance, maladie, blessure, documentaire, profilage, capitalisme, criminalité, déclaration, abus, anonyme


Chasser l’impossible


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“Tu fais quoi?”

“Je chasse des créatures impossibles.”

“Wow. Comment tu fais pour trouver ça?”

“C’est pas toujours facile. Comme la plus hostile et dangereuse bête de tous, la plus meilleure violente hostile, la grosse tête à trophée ultime, la plus horrible et dangereusement mortelle à affronter, ça va prendre beaucoup de monde pour l’abattre. Tu peux pas t’imaginer la paye qu’on va s’faire avec de celle-là. T’as envie? Embarque, on s’en va abattre le capitalisme.”

“Cool. J’ai jamais vu ça une capitalisme. On va faire comment si on l’attrape?”

“Eh ben, soit on la dessine ou, j’sais pas, on se sera trouvé des idées rendu là.”

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New Books


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Léonard looking spectacular as usual

These past few weeks haven’t been very productive book wise, but now that all the medicals are over with (at least until the next ones, which aren’t that far away sadly) things are moving along better. Turned out I’d forgotten my good needle and the materials for the covers. Dropped by a store after the last appointment, and the “toned tan” sketch paper I found there is actually better than the one I was using back home. The color is closer to the brown of the spine’s cardboard, and gives them a nicer look than the beige pages. Although in any case both are fine.send more kibbles!

I’ll keep using the new ones for now, until I get back home, but then I’ll save them for the books I’ll make with new paper, as in blank on both sides which basically means double the pages once they’re cut along the folds. As of typing this I have 13 of them completed, another one only missing the finishing touches, and another one still in the early stages ready to start threading which I’ll probably do on the road. I should be back home either tomorrow or the day after, by the weekend at the latest. I’ll take a break from that once those are finished, making it a total of 15 so far if I include the cruder first models, and excluding the half-dozen or so already given out.send more kibbles!!

Not much else to say for now. This place is nice to visit, I’d certainly wouldn’t want to stay anywhere else when I have to come down here for these checkups etc. I try and be the best guest that I can, which isn’t that hard, seeing as my hosts are so awesome. The cat still isn’t a big fan of going outside though he loves looking out those windows, and I haven’t tried letting him out again. He often lays near the door but just walks away disinterested whenever anybody goes in or out.

send more kibble!!

He really seems more affectionate out here this time around. Still sleeps as much, but way more playful and cuddly the rest of the time. If I’d had recorded me petting and brushing him since I got here last week, I’m sure I’d have at least 4-5 continuous hours of footage. This place is bigger than the apartment, and he’s not that used to having other people around. It’s kinda fun, he follows me around almost if not all the time, coming to sit next to wherever I happen to be :)


Spotted this little buddy strolling around in the yard. Shinning bright and intense red under the noon sun, it contrasted so much with the lawn that I saw it walking along from several feet away. So tiny! I thought for a second there I was seeing a dead pixel IRL :Dsend more kibbles!!

Managed to capture it here going across a patch of mud, after rushing back in to get the camera. I’ve seen those before, recognized it once I got a closeup look. A little chigger. Cute, but not at all friendly, not at all a fun guest to have around, and another great reason to avoid letting the cat out- although he did get all his shots and usual preventives against that shit.