bleedleaf digital art

a wondrous variety of badly designed and beautifully drawn animals

Un bda est un Beau Dessin d’Animal. Le sigle signifiant originalement bleedleaf digital arts, il a ensuite été étendu puis traduit à badly (ou beautifully, c’est selon) designed animal, du à la popularité de certains éléments de la collection. C’est une série de toiles et d’images imprimés à partir de compositions digitales ou de photographies d’un dessin ensuite manipulé digitalement par logiciel.


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  • 4 : Capicornhttps://bleedleaf.wordpress.com/visuel/bda/capicorn/

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Links to files optimized for desktop background images and screensaver slideshows free for download -here- (soonish). PDF of entire series with optimal sizes and similar info is also coming soon.

Contact me @ bleedleaf on riseup.net or through here at bleedleaf.com for high-quality prints on photo paper or canvas (or if you make one yourself from the above files, then please consider sending me a tip. A pic of where you hang it also would be great. Actually, that would be awesome!!). Many of them scale good well beyond regular poster sizes, especially the later ones. I’ll ask for a minimum contribution to cover printing costs and shipping fees.