Drawn as a simpler side project, focused on only one more complex line top of the middle left grey space it helps to shape, it marked the end of the Shapes collection although it was finished before its last piece and isn’t numbered in the series.

Painted on a 7/8” thick wood composite board measuring roughly 11.12” x 23.25”.


Pro Tips:

Suitably placed in its appropriate location it indicates to onlooking traffic their respective directions.


Classified Information:

Selected to be awarded to the first (individual, person, as in mundane?) regular-normal-“human” to successfully complete (all laps of!?) the turning test*.

The turning test is classified and top secret. We know only that it’s a test, the secret kind of test that’s a classified kind of secret, and that that’s all we’re at liberty to say about it at this time.

*the original documentation was corrected and redacted several times, with the inscription “human” seemingly being the most prominently insisted upon


Xenographic Instructions:

It’s been categorized as a passive distraction, with the label commonly associated with traps and fences. All other characteristics have been withheld pending further review.

Trivia Time:

Did you know?

  • 99.98351% (certain radicals in some of the variables make this statistic oscillate between that number and 99.93851%, giving us a 0.045% error margin in the data) leave the test uncompleted.
  • of the rest, the highest score barely reached over 37% before failure conditions were met. Failure rates peak at around 5% in those that continue on and manage to complete (?) the test while progress halted at 0.1% for those that didn’t. And of the insignificant number of those which weren’t physically unable to continue afterwards making it past the .3% marker, only a very rare few.
  • The parameters of the test never having been adjusted to allow for declassification of the results beyond a few statistics, on account of allowing the award to be granted to whomever first completed (it) without actually fulfilling the conditions for success, the object pictured here was left unsigned by the artist.
  • It was dropped during moving so will require some repairs.