Just getting a new setup going to try and log some of these guitar practices. This piece isn’t anything new, it’s actually one of those early ones that really got me into the instrument. I’ve never been happy with any of the takes I’ve made of my interpretations on it, and this here isn’t perfect by any standard, but here I was just testing for the sound, and warming up to check and see if I was feeling well enough to maybe keep playing some more right away… turns out not really, no. Later… Anyways…

Sadly I’m wearing this old sweater from that place I used to work at, there’s a window open and there’s a fan running on the other side of the room, however Leonard just moves in, such timing! Epic catness! Steals the show!

… nevermind :D much spoilers …
cats being cats, it’s no doubt going to be tricky
getting him to do that again, on cue :/

About as hard as finding a metronome with an espressivo setting to it.

…and I end up with what’s honestly my favorite recorded take on it so far, that little esthetic bias aside even. Hard stuff, this thing has some pretty gnarly phrasing, and I’ll mess up on some harmonics, yeah. Overall, I don’t screw it up too bad though so I’ll call it my best one so far too.

I’ll keep on trying. I’m expecting, well, hoping for anyway, that I’ll get a better take on it while playing it in sequence with the other ones in the set. If I’m eventually to record the whole sonata anyway kinda makes sense that way. Part 1 and 4 are a nightmare, mostly because of a few bars here and there, part 4 especially. I’ll ask for help and feedback for those too, in time, but for now if you know this music and might have some tips, you can probably tell by the clip which sections I’m struggling most with.

In any case, it’s a working progress, but I hope you’ll enjoy listening anyway.