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  • 3x Cymbals
  • 3x Toms
  • 1x Snare
  • 1x Bass Drum

This started out as a simple loop to practice shuffle patterns, then it took a 12 bar blues turn after adding some beginner fill and kick tips I found on dailydrumlesson. Not sure what it’d fall into in its current state, part 4/4 part 6/8, but I mixed in a turnaround with some more ride bell before fading out to repeating variations of the main snare-kick-ride triplet patterns.

This overall sums up a large chunk of what I’ve been busy at since last I updated around here. I went all in and used up the last of my scroungy savings and maxed out my card on an actual drum kit, although I still spend lots of the time just doing pad exercises and tapping on my thighs or some random object, rudiments, basic counting and stuff.

This is at least the third post I draft or rewrite since last month, and I’ve put off actually posting anything many times now. I’ve been holding out despite the bad health, things aren’t all that great. I try and aim for an hour or so everyday, but I’ll spend most of the time just feeling sick. Hungry too, that’s sorta my fault right now. I’ve listened to a whole lot of music and watched a plenty videogames in the past months. So a lot of bandcamp, DIY radio archives and DJs, and a lot of twitch and youtubes. That mood seems to be petering out somewhat. Plus I’m somewhat keeping up with a healthy dose of podcast and currently eventish newsy and documentary stuff, so that’s alright. The drumming and pad stuff feel easier to practice lately, even on the bad days. Bonus is that it’s motivating me to learn new things again. The drawing and guitar have been put on hold, and I was vaguely planning on slowly working it back into my days by time winter shows up again. I should be better settled in as a drum beginner by then.

Also, felt like adding in a thank you to the handful of people who’ve been following the blog over the years, and more specially those who every so often mysteriously visit the front page for some reason or another that my stats page don’t say. Which has recently been increasingly frequent. You can expect a few more updates by year’s end and the drawn animals series to pick back up where it left off. Some more action shots of Léonard too, maybe. No worries on the kibble front, supplies are stocked to last all year.

Otherwise, check out my new/ongoing album on bancamp for some free tracks, you can alternatively make a contribution by paying more than 0. Send email to hit up a chat or just say hi, comment or ask questions about the music or other artsy stuffs.

Wow, look at me drag on. Speaking of which, I think it’s time to work on some of that. (haha, see that, I can pun the drummer speak already)