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I do not own any of the bunnies in this video, no infringement of bunnyrights were intended, this is purely fan made organic carrot for bunnies. No bunnies were harmed in the making of the video. Opinions of bunnies and their carrots do not necessarily reflect our own.*

bunny wants your money buddy

The Voodoo Bunny Clan Raid marked the official opening of Dis Bunny Private Weapons Contractors (or DB-PWC), which came  shortly after making contact with the wild rabbits from the Bunny PMC, or Rabbit Private Military Company.

While taking a walk and pondering over the PMC’s (Private Military Services, or Contractors) struggle against the evil forces of El Goog in the coming pandaggedon, dis bunny came across a rogue bunny from the voodoo bunny clan, and decided to investigate further and gather intelligence for PWC and PMC units. Our transmissions went out without any responses, and so a bunny raid was organized and deployed to acquire their resources one way or the other. There were no casualties on either side: the voodoo bunnies showed no sign of aggression, seemed rather friendly, and exhibited no sign of being panda collaborators, so it was decided no hostile actions were to be taken by PWC bunnies, since no signs or trace of panda could be detected. We ended up thoroughly mapping the area and fighting only some monkey bandits, and a couple lost panda fanfags, that were loitering the regions and generally being a nuisance around the voodoo bunny camps. The mission ended up not providing us with any carrots**, nor did we make official allies of the voodoo bunnies, but it is nonetheless considered a great success by dis bunny for all its PWC allies.

R-18 – konachan bunnies

Bunnies were signed up from various mercenary and bounty boards, forums, and from random bunny friendly interwebers. Mission training and supervision was held from the PWC forward operations base youtube user 101seireiou101.

The bunny mission briefings files can be found using the pass code is “Money Money”: novakane & al voudou

**it was latter realized that we were in surplus of carrots anyway, as an order for tanks in exchange for carrots was misread as an offer of tanks in exchange for carrots… so tanks were on back order for a while, and painting monkey has been on strike ever since.

*the updated, slightly improved encode was posted on under the title Reisen Toohoo Tribute: The Bunny Bounce, it is the first video embedded on this post, and contains several minor bunny reassignments from the second video, first uploaded on the alternate AMV channel. Please feel free to leave any comments or inquiries about this amv (term usually referring to fan-made unofficial trailers or videos) here or on either of the youtube videos.

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4 thoughts on “PWC dis bunny reception”

  1. Tropical Fish said:

    Nosebleeds at majority of images
    PMC donating cases of tactical nukes in exchange for propaganda~

    Also, of you find any naked tropical fishes, be sure to send to PMC.

    • Great news! soviet cyborg trololo is in charge of propaganda… will keep lookout for fishes without clothes, but fleet of sensor ships be on the lookout too… mmm, maybe tactical nukes come in handy hihihi

  2. Panda may have control now, but one day, we will reclaim our lands. Wild Rabbits will return. Will always remember the brave rabbits who held the line against pandas on the 7th. Proud that PMC base was one of the last holdouts. Base fell on the 9th.

    P.S. : Panda eat nothing else, only bamboo shoots. If all shoots poisoned, all pandas die.

    • Yes, PMC and PMC allies having held the line against panda for so long is a great pride for bunnies everywhere. Dis bunny and all PWC staff salute your valiant efforts!

      P.S.: if panda could shoot itself with shoots all world would be less grey