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A pink triangle triforce skull, with assorted head-studded peacock feathers and jingle bells earrings, bag banner:

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Pigs chased us out of their jurisdiction last Saturday, all the way out into Battlefields Park, after our morning picnic in front of the National Assembly, in so called Québec City. The mighty morphing fascist furries had reservations there for part of the afternoon.
Here, a pink triangle triforce skull banner (with matching studded peacock feathers and jingle bells earrings) is waiting for them to skedaddle outta the way so it can approach the racist rally unimpeded. Which eventually happened, after this barricade cleared out, along with the surveillance in the area around the gate, it managed to moved up to some few yards away from the meutons’ procession, right down the middle of a deserted street, as they were going round the fountain to escape the area. (if anyone has pics from that part, please do send me, thx)


send more kibbles!!!(dafuq!? they caption that as if we right wing? crazy nutters)

Look at that dude here, strolled around all day with that … thing, and a heavyish metal chair that folds up to look kinda like a mini-gun, and only got controlled once by 5.0 (tripods can work too, they’re just not as comfy). I mean, folks need to get a tiny bit creative around here. Even got to taunt the pups and their beasty buddies as they tailed on out, and then still free to use the space and sit down for another snack. The banner’s bag had enough water and food, including power bars, to last for days, but cause the weather being real shitty and all, and seeing as no one else seemed to have been either willing or able to stick around to share it with, back home we went.


Very sad about all those detained and arrested. How rude. Even some just there by happenstance. Not cool.
And for what?
So a bunch of fascist fuckbags can take a piss and dump in the pond, whilst their spokespersons do the shitshine show to distract media from their far-right extremist allegiances, with truth-obfuscating, deceptive drivel, and pointless, impertinent rhetoric. 44 arrested comrades, and all the while they admitting no one got hurt and no material damage was cause. Wtf!?

Oh, and although snowball riot was fucking awesome, we should take notice that their police riot gear and shields offer excellent protection against small caliber ice projectiles. Will need to level up those, or come up with better plan for next time.

Hey là, vous le witch bloc, on vous trouve sacrément hot

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