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Was meaning to do this for a while now. Did a couple of times last year, but going to try and make it more of a thing… a bit silly to say seeing it’s already June. But eh, anyway.

A bit late for Mai on account I’ve been reorganizing how to keep track of the stuff I add to my playlist. Again, lots of stuff I ended up watching in a different browser and didn’t bookmark.

In the playlist this month:


Gustave Loiseau

Le dernier Monet et l’abstraction américaine

Christophe Lucien, commissaire priseur

Félicien Rops, Thierry Mortiaux et les graveurs belges

Frans Masereel

Anews Podcast

Anews Podcast – episode 62

Anews Podcast – episode 63

Anews Podcast – episode 64

Anews Podcast – episode 65

AW@L Radio

AW@L Radio – 2018-04-17 G7,  #BringLucyBack

AW@L Radio – 2018-05-18 Welcome Refugees, Resist Racists

The Black Mask Podcast

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Citations Needed

Episode 36: Maplewashing — Looking Behind Canada’s Progressive Veneer

Episode 37: Black Lives Matter, Dreamers, and the Problem of ‘The Perfect Victim’

Episode 38: The Media’s Bogus Generation Obsession


CrimethInc. : The Hotwire #29: MAY DAY Special : The best of anarchist news reporting from the vaults (uncensored!)

CrimethInc. : The Hotwire #30: May 3, 2018 : May Day 2018 Roundup

CrimethInc. : The Hotwire #31: May 9, 2018 : Repression in Indonesia—Hamilton rent strike—J20 on May 14—events all summer

End of the Line

EPISODE 17: Still Here

The Final Straw

Error451: #09 (Facial Recognition Technology)

“They Can Take Our Lives, But They Can’t Take Our Will to Defend Them”: Supporting the Valle Garita Squat in Boriqué

8th Anniversary Podcast Special

“In The End There Are Still People Struggling. And We’re Still Fighting”: A conversation with Wriply and Ashley of the #BlackPride4

Planning the Insurgency, Bloc by Bloc

Error451: #10 (Facebook and Cambridge Analytica)

Post-Scarcity, Privilege and Walking Away: A Chat with Cory Doctorow

Error451: #11 (CLOUD Act)

Friendly Anarchism

Episode 39: Antifascist Road Trip From Nashville To Newnan with Jam City Antifa and Friends

Innuendo Studios

The Alt-Right Playbook: The Death of a Euphemism – YouTube

It’s Going Down

Audio Report: Arizona Teachers Bring the Heat

Growing Eco Direct Action & the Need for Movement Media

Audio Report: Anger Continues Against #DeportationBus

#DropJ20 Podcast Update #6: Breaking Their Own Laws

This is America #1: An Anarchist Headline News Podcast

This is America #2

Radical People

Bad Luck, Worse Luck

Radical Underground

Episode 26: May Day in Indonesia/Sabaté/Under the Black Flag

The Rebel Beat

The Rebel Beat 084: May Day Special!

The Rebel Beat 085: Dio Ganhdih

re:publica 2018

Algorithms of oppression

Danah Boyd: Opening Keynote: How an Algorithmic World Can Be Undermined

Céline Keller: Why The Zombie Haunts The Cyborg – Unveiling The Inherent …

… and much more, didn’t bookmark


Invisible People

Rustbelt Abolition Radio

Border as Method


Trouble #13: Defend the Block


Never Going To Turn It Down

La Zad Reclaiming the Commons

Subversion Podcast: Namaste Bitch

It’s Sabotage

Thought Maybe

9/11 — Ten Years Later

The Quantum Revolution

Undercover Copper

Two Paychecks Podcast

Emily Good on Her Arrest and Political Theater

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June preview:

Listening to Burning Cop Car #14 while posting this.