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So I mixed up Liu and Ruyu
Mistook Xue for Xe, Wei and Liu
Where Wei strokes are in Xue anyway
And pronounced Liu only when before Ye

Shouldn’t be much of a big deal
Sometimes it’s Xiao or Chu instead too

Easy to mistake for either Guang Hao, I guess.
Or with Cao, much like Yin, ends almost the same.
Now there’s either Mu, Zhuan, or Tong as well… sigh
It can only three characters Wei Liu Ye: Wei Liu, or Xiao Wei?

(and I can`t even yè)

Leaves today

Small bleeding leaves
It leaves little bloodshed

Bleedleaf didn’t bleed that day
So bleeding leaves bled

Leaf bleeding leaves bloodshed

The leaves are bleeding
But not bleeding Bleedleaf

Bleedleaf does not bleed