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Originally drawn on paper, 91 lines segments give shape to as many areas. The digitized image was then manipulated in various ways and all but 11 of said shapes are coloured in: 19 black, 19 pink, 19 red, and 23 purple.

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The pink is almost completely transparent to the paper’s photograph used as image background, the purple much less and the red even less so. The black is almost completely opaque.

Although this is not the case for each area with relation to the pink and fully transparent ones, each and every of the 91 areas is adjacent to at least one area of each colours black, purple, and red, or is itself of that colour.

The red and purple layers are rotated in opposite directions from one another, with relation to the initial sketch, each around their own focal point, so that their coloured shapes fall outside the drawing’s original lines: the red layer by slightly less than 1 degree from around somewhere near the middle of the bottom left quadrant; and by about half over 2 degrees from around a point near the bottom of the top right quadrant for the purple layer.

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