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This bda, like most of them really, is not properly done justice to by the usual descriptive rundown of its main and predominant features. It’s been said about it however, in fact again like most of the other bda featured on this site, to have been known to reveal the secrets of its inner workings to one who’d dare stare at it for long enough. Or in other words, and from a certain point of view perhaps, to one who’d dare stare at it for far too much longer than is necessary.

(link to the full-sized image)

Badly Drawn Animal #49

5 distinct, wavy, multicolored lines of varying thickness disposed around the round similarly multicolored outline of a somewhat circular shape. The areas in-between these is further divided into various shapes by jittering, thickish, black tracing in a diverse assortment of curves, bends, edges, and straights. Shapes, which 31 of are spaces transparent to a plain, unbleached paper background; 14 are of a casper blue at 75% opacity over said background; 14 are white at 60% opacity; 16 are solid black and laid out such that every other shape in the drawing is adjacent to at least one of them.

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