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Or ‘Why is this so difficult?’ Trying to bury the click, and the… and, and the 1 e & a or the 4 ti ta? 2 3 4 go.

So over a year after revisiting Liquid Volts Pi with some extra snare and improved flam, and I still can’t play it anymore at its preferred tempo of 90bpm. Even playing it dozens of times a day, that speed bump just keeps moving around. It’s all over the place now and no way I can go back to the limited snare version I could manage decently without tripping all over myself.
At least it’s a good improvement. I can try it once in a while and only butcher like half a dozen bars or so, although it does sound much tighter as a whole, more even, feeling much easier and controlled around the doubles, flams and such, but I’d rather keep on flattening that bump… literally, as you can no doubt tell in this, one of my better takes recently, where almost looks like I’m having hiccups. I’m just trying to hold on to the sticks and stop all the bouncing.

I recently moved (again) and the space is (finally) a much needed improvement this time, despite it being doubtful on the long term. All that moving around was expensive, and it’ll take me a long time to recover from the debt and stress of these past few years… which were suppose to be a mandated rest from the events of the previous few others, and so on mostly. Hopefully things stay stable at least long enough to get better some.

All that aside, in an effort to get back better organized I’ve returned to keeping track of things with renewed motivation. There’s two more tracks pretty much rounded out I just need to settle with a metronome beep for, and a third one that just needs a title, which I could ‘mlog’ a post about. I’ll focus more on those in the coming weeks as well as some other rabbit holes I’ve been gravitating abouts without much reason or structure.

Today was essentially a somewhat planned procrastination day, spent listening to the better recents takes on a loop, uploading and selecting words to send out to the internets in this specific particular order so as to thereby assemble themselves into this content which you might be reading right now, and pondering over the next possible entries in this, my log of music and mostly art-related activities. While on that note, I’ll wrap up by mentioning that the next posts lined up for the site are probably going to be about painted art pieces (mostly the decorated cigar box I’m putting the finishing touches to), maybe possibly another digital bda (I’d like those to get back to being a monthly thing at the least) too, and also mention that you can help me get out of debt by clicking that button at the bottom of the page. In addition to instantaneously having nothing delivered right to you, you can also print out any of the works on the gallery page as an extra thank-you for your support.