If you can’t rationally justify and argue in its favour, and properly demonstrate it beyond a reasonable doubt —to someone who is permitted to plug the ears with the fingers while shouting «LALALALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU LALALALALA» no less— then yes, your existence is totally a subjective matter of opinion, objectively worth no more than whatever value has the sympathy or reaction you can dredge up for it.

Well there goes my plan to stay away from the forums thing and post stuff over here instead… it’s been weeks! Putting this one here now though, just not into writing much more to it. Had some nice posts started before I left town last month, and forgot to save them (or rather the related media files and links) on the data stick, haven’t even looked at them yet. They feel so old and out of context already, not entirely but… meh. Still had quite some work left to polish it up beyond just scribbled notes randomly scattered across a page, like most of everything else in those logs. It tops my list for the November garbage though, if not for the year, so I’ll get back around to it. And it does have relevance to the whole troll-post era thing too so.