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Des mentions que je veux souvent faire. Ça représente la grande majorité de ce sur quoi j’aurai cliqué, ou enfin, hors-liens d’une tierce partie, les lieux où j’aime me mettre à jour ou où j’ai puisé beaucoup de lectures, de recherches, ou juste parce que, pendant les quelques dernières années. Plus récent pour certains que pour d’autres.

radio libertaire:

artracaille: d’abord pour l’art mais graduellement de plus en plus pour les presses papiers, les infos, commentaires. Ça change, et je reviens vers l’art. Jusqu’à ce qu’une de ces chansons frappe et puis toc. La musique? Incroyablement délicieuse sélection de chanson! J’adore. Que cela soit pour une partie ou pour l’autre plus, selon l’humeur, c’est un merveilleux tout.

C’est tout. J’en rajoute un peu là parce que sinon ça fait très vide et puis toute une page pour juste eux-autres… quand même.


-“it’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine” show, news and interviews with radicals involved in global revolution and resistance. Show is over but there’s always been more: much, anarchist films, clips, documentaries, archives, reports. If you miss(ed) it :( riot porn and taco loving trouble maker daddy Stimulator… just Frank now, and many other ninjas, and even more at IGD.
And then Dr. Bones, commie lover of cats, with other Gods&Radicals (how come people aren’t all atheists yet? nonetheless), interesting peeps to follow on the socials.

Speaking of, LSC, BadMouse, DRichard “The Dick” Coughlan, awesome collection of older and new stuff to go through, great to keep an eye on cause they tend to comment on the youtube posers, clickdrones, ancaps and such… sometimes. Tear down on some foil hat wearing or ad-chasing half reasoned word machine. Toxic subjects, fun and interesting videos, podcasts and stuff…

TheRebelBeat, formerly a great show on CKUT that lives on as an equally awesome monthly podcast. Class War on the dance floor.

thejuicemedia, if you miss(ed) the JuiceRapNews :( Last seasons were amazing.
Creators have moved on, to things like the Honest Government Adverts series. Great people. Funny guys these downunders. That’s interesting work they’re doing down there. But they’ll have to accept that they don’t come first, and that’s how things are going to be from now on. Now enough with the FAKE NEWS! it’s time for the funnies.

(So many more, hundreds of bookmarks, much tabs open… Along with the following, is mostly usually enough to satisfy my urges to interact with the outside world… eh… and from the odd from Cinemassacre or video game related thing in the background, provide for most of my online antisocial medication…)

…like these blogs: LawyersGuns&Money, (what can I even say at this point?)

and some more fun times, like xkcd, explosm,

… for docs, libraries and archives, there’s a whole bunch I could paste over here. Like say, the waybackmachine, thoughmaybe.com, all the various wikimedia projects and wikis. The amount of stuff to learn and explore is mind boggling. It’s easy to get lost online. I think these are good places to start looking.

Basically, all the places I’ve been clicking on first for more or over the past several years. Kind of depressing actually, but I’m sure which agency that is that’s in charge of that will confirm this as pretty much accurate. Oh, and much shitposting over at facebook.com/groups/anarchistphilosophies/ before a comrade admin went full commie and kicked out the fascist ancap admins… and all the other admins too… if only facebuck was reality and not the other way around :/