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The BDA’s 2018 gallery update went ahead as planned last weekend. You can check it out here. 

There’s already two more were finished since the page went live, which brings the total to 6 new beautifully drawn animals so far this year. I kinda got distracted by other things I had to deal with after that, so I ended up not posting about it like I wanted to, and since there’s not really much else to say about it anyway. Well, that’s that.

So here’s what’s new in 2018:

selfie (024)selfie






#23 is going to take a long time, if it even ever gets done. It’s part of a video, sort of like a speed drawing montage or timelapse, with various sequences and variations branching out throughout the clip in several color combinations. If there’s no progress or inspiration on that front by the beginning of next year, it’ll end up just being the short gif of my favorite sequences. Going to hold out on that gif until I get a better idea about how and if I do or not that longer project.