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Was pleasantly surprised listening to my practice tape today. Hesitantly excited I sped up the song.

Didn’t play Romantica today except for the 3rd part. English Suite and Frescobalda felt very decent. I’ll probably listen to them again several times trying to figure out through the bad audio quality if they’re worth keeping or not. It’s a definite improvement for me on those. I’ll see about it tomorrow. They’re not all well suited for the speeding up so listening through the whole setlist over again gets tedious. I will though… sigh. I was thinking recording at least a dozen or so sessions this time before cutting up the tapes and comparing the songs from one day to the other.

Definitely feels like I’m keeping this one though. LNPFBICWL 233%
I should get around to passing the sound file through proper audio software in the coming few days, this video is just some quick-ish work done using iMovie defaults.

I’ll have it up on bandcamp once it’s done.

Overall this Thursday’s practice is on par with my usual. Not that much all things considered, but I did spend extra time doing general finger technique exercises and repeating particular sections for extended periods of time. There aren’t that many songs I actually have polished up some beyond just mechanically following notes in some monotone color.

I’ve already deleted most of the recordings from earlier this year. Days like these I feel like archiving them everyday, the practices of that setlist. I don’t get what would be the use though. The sound quality is really bad, maybe not awful. So I don’t think I’ll publish today’s tapes. English Suite and Canzonetta were notably better, that’s about it. In any case, these links are up for now. They’re at normal speed.

pt. 1

pt. 2

Fair warning, I haven’t yet fully gotten over playing on that tiny guitar so my positioning with right hand kinda… well, sucks. Lame, it’s really bad on a lot of them that day. Still dealing with a lot of stress, and yeah I noticed I was plucking harder than I needed especially on those earlier ones.