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Hey, I practiced really really hard on this. So I whiffed a note on the slide after the melody’s first repeat, the rest went flawlessly. Ornamentation, timing, timbre. Sounds great. That’s gotta be worth at least a dollar, right?

Capricho Arabe

Also recorded in video, so you can watch me play it too:

(It’s obviously sped up some, I was playing slow so it’s not quite double speed)
(At a decent pace, Andantino, it’s about 5 minutes)

It’s my 3rd recorded take on it, didn’t even complete the first two. I did several more after that but they all lacked in one form or another, or a major miss or two. I started learning it just over a day before, did practically nothing but for almost two days.
I’ll be adding it to my daily practice, starting today, and my livestreams for now either as intro or as an alternate final piece with the Mexican sonata’s allegro. Not sure where it’ll end up fitting in my setlist, right now I’m feeling like I could play it either before or after taking an intermission as the setlist has gotten long enough I often need to stop for a rest and a stretch.