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Ok, so I lost some momentum and plenty of time on those tad over-ambitious badly drawn animal projects. The update on those for the foreseeable future is they’re not getting done any time soon.

On the other hand I did put a lot into the guitar over the past month and more, and Drop D-cember went really well. I’m glad to put those songs back into my regular routine, and for finally learning Tárrega’s Capricho Árabe.

So I did mention about having several new beautifully designed animal art available and almost ready to publish, a couple months ago… I haven’t made that many new drawing in the time since, and a lot of ideas using existing ones didn’t work out. There’s a least a week’s worth of time sunk into video games between then and now, which was a very much needed distraction and step back from things.

In any case, I can safely say right now there’ll be a handful of them up on the gallery page before the end of the year. None quite so ambitious as the ones I had planned out earlier in the year, no 60k+ individually crafted frame video. Nothing like that, no. But #37 for example is itself made up of 52 separate segments, lines from end to end with their curves and bends, scanned and retraced on digital canvas (almost a pixel at a time in some sections) then further edited, colored, etc.

Other ones I’m working on at the moment are also in the sixty segments range with varying complexity in the desired effects, or if shape based like is the case for #36, in the seventy+ shapes range.

Things have come a long way since I decided it was ok to use more than just straight lines and angles, and adding colors too! And as winter steps in, another year is coming to an end.

Here’s a recent pic of Léonard: