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This one has been ready for a couple of weeks already, but I’ve been wanting to post two of them at once again. The last details of the next one however are proving quite tedious, so I’ve gone back to paper drawings and earlier drafts of different eh… specimens. After the initial digital phase things tend to get to be more of a grind, my next bout of motivation for that kind of thing should end me up with several more entries to the gallery.

In the meantime, I might roll back the next one I was intending to post here to a previous, simpler variation on the drawing, but more likely that I won’t though. Rather, I’ll just move its number down the list. #41 was going to have more colours, I had altered it to be balanced around 3 colours, but waiting and staring at it a lot I went for the lighter design instead. Read more details on that below the thumbnail, which you can click on for the full image, which is also up on the gallery page.

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 From end to end, 38 lines giving shape to 39 areas 9 of which are coloured in solid black. Every other area is adjacent to at least one of the solid black shapes. In addition, each shape is also adjacent to at least one of 8 areas coloured in transparent pink on two other separate scaled rotations of the initial 38 lines and shapes, and layered sometimes over sometimes under them. Some of the spaces between the 3 sets of lines are coloured in white of varying transparency, and again layered under, over, or in between other layers. The background image, seen in the remaining 22 areas, is a picture of a blank page of paper from the same book as original drawing.