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Felt like making a much longer blog entry than this, but whenever it comes times to commit to typing anything … well, right now anyway, thinking about it there isn’t anything I want to get into. Posting this mainly because of the new Badly Drawn Animals.I haven’t been listening to as much online content, significantly less. There’s not much to add to that, although I’ll try to have at least one long post about it before the mid-year. Artracaille, subMedia, ThoughtMaybe, a bunch of shows from the Channel Zero Network and some stuff from the youtubes, still pretty much my favourite things to click on when I can and feel like paying attention to stuff… otherwise there’s the wind and the crickets.

Same more of less goes with the guitar. Not practicing enough to improve very much, focusing on a section here and there once in a while, but nowhere near the effort put into it last Spring and towards the end of last year. I added three songs to my routine and made satisfying progress on some technical aspects elsewhere, so I’m totally fine with it being slow and kinda off to the side for a bit.

Now, I was going to wait until I was finished with #41. It turns out, however, that not rushing into deadlines on these things usually works out for the best. So I’ll keep staring at it a while longer while I’m figuring out what to do and exactly where I want to go with it. It’s not following any fancy patterns like these two:


From the original lines drawn on the paper seen here as the canvas, or background image, each distanced from the others by a handful of pixels, 94 line segments forming as many shapes, or areas, and one longer line enclosing the entirety.

62 of the areas are coloured in, leaving us to see the background inside the other 32. 19 of the coloured shapes are of solid black while the rest have some transparency. 22 of them show as light grey and 21 as darker grey. Each one of the 94 shapes is adjacent to at least one of each of these solid black, light grey, and dark grey coloured ones, or is itself of that colour.


This time, each area is adjacent to at least one area of each of the colours violet, yellow, and black, or is itself coloured with that colour. There are a total of 72 areas, or shapes, delimited by the 71 line segments drawn onto the original paper used as the background image, or canvas. 22 of these areas were left fully transparent and show the paper’s texture, 18 of them are coloured in yellow, 16 in violet, and 16 of them black.