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Here’s the latest of the tracks I’ve been working on these past few months. It’s fairly simple I think. I’m posting the mp3 from the standard midi kit along with a video of me playing it a few days back.

Gluon-Free Lepton Croutons – standard midi

There’s another track I was looking on getting out last month, groovember or something like that. I’ll get around to posting a video on that one too. Also, it doesn’t have a midi version written down yet either. It doesn’t sound that bad with my usual pad settings (which are close to similar to the standard midi’s sounds), but using a different kit  preset (layered Super Boom) on it makes it way better. Much like it’s the case with Molten Dry Bips and the August Groove, for which I tend to go for the “Speed Metal” setup.
I don’t have enough cymbal pads for Molten Dry Bips, and then there’s all the snare and tom action, flam, rim shots, and whatnot. Might end up recording a simplified kick-cowbwll-snare version, or just the practice pad sticking it came from.

I haven’t given much effort in recording the groove I posted in August, my best take is from that same month. I wasn’t paying attention to varying the Hi-hat however, so it’s basically just always open instead of being mostly half-closed throughout. I’m still smoothening out that part, but the worst part is getting the toms to be crisp and sharp not awkwardly rolling in in hurried lumps.

August Tom Groove – “SoCal” midi drum

Molten Dry Bips – “SoCal” midi drum, synth and e-bass