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First, the new tracks. I’ll start with the fairly recent one, which adds up to a couple of snare and ride cymbal practice patterns glued together with some toms at 120bpm.


This next one doesn’t really have a name yet either. It’s all in the floor tom in this one. I mentioned it before, about it sounding better on a differently tuned kit, but I like the midi’s sound here anyway. I play this at 90bpm.


The last one here is a bit of an oddity. Started out with a 6/4 pattern on the practice pad, which I then fooled around with a silly vdrum kit setting. Kinda evolved on its own from there, it doesn’t really have a final form of yet just a set of patterns I mix around and juggle with in a improv-like way, usually for several minutes or until I’ve exhausted a number of familiar configurations and variations.

Name is up for grabs on this one too (looptober 2020). The mp3 is a satisfyingly close enough approximation I managed to concoct using the midi’s limited sounds. I max out somewhat faster than that, barring a sidenote or two, but settle for the quirky cheer of the 120bpm.


The ‘update’ is just about an older track, from my first batch of compositions: Liquid Volts Pie (or π if I play it in 3m14)

Can’t really tell if I’m making progress practicing Liquid Volts Pie. I’ve changed lots of the snare parts, mostly adding notes, and tweaked the hi-hat action some. The result is that now I’m having to use a 72bpm metronome tick as it’s taken my kick all out of whack. In short, it just brought out the hurdle which is the shuffling 16th note double hits by adding some rhythmic complexity and pushing the required limb independence. Technically, there’s nothing about it that’s really that difficult, and just half-a-year ago I was starting to have it nailed down at 90bpm, yet now with the improved snare notations I’m hitting all the same hurdles again and fumbling my double kicks all over the place. Going to focus it on 72bpm mostly then, my usual training exercises slowly creeping up the dial towards 80, with lots of them past 90 already, and optimistically once I’ve upped my kick game some I’ll be working out the kinks at the full 90bpm again.