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Rabbit Hole, part the 3, is what happened when I altered the Double Paradiddle rudiment, from RLRLRR to RLRRLR and LRLRRL, then orchestrated it 20+ different ways around the drum kit, playing triplets over a 4/4 (RLR-RLR-LRL-RRL).

Notations here: Rabbit Hole III.pdf and also the mp3 from a MIDI recording of those same notations.

The video is my best take from this week. I was first planing on also sharing a 90bpm version, thinking that would be better and closer to as flawless as I can muster it, but turns out that’s not how it happens. Ended up missing a lot of bells and generally messing up a lot more. So I’m only sharing the 120bpm version. Doesn’t quite sound like the mp3 spat out by the MIDI software, pretty solid playthrough nonetheless. After over a month of putting this off it’s about time I uploaded this. The quality isn’t where I’d like it to be at though, a better camera setup is not very high on my list of priorities.

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