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I’ve been dreading recording a video for this month again, with no painting anywhere near ready, not much else to write about otherwise, and having fleshed out an idea for Rabbit Hole part 5 already, that is however exactly what I did.

They gave the bouncer a quarter note, since all of them could fit in half the space, twice.


Not counting where I edited out totally failing measure 15, where I did stop playing halfway. Started over right away at measure 13, that section being in 6/8 that’s where my ‘1’ was, and spliced it in. The cut comes in on count 3 in the playthrough.

Also not counting the slow tempo as a miss. Target bpm is 60 (or 120dpm, paradiddles per minute), but for a clean run that’s a tad out of my reach for now, which is why the metronome lady in the clip is set to 45 (or, as the caption puts it, 90 diddles/minute).

Timing and dynamics wise, I don’t know. What do you think? I’m kind of happy about the take and surprised at how much better than how I felt like it was going it turned out to be. Some of the kicks sound a bit soft or hesitant, but at least all of them are at the right spot.

Three MAJOR mistakes as far as actually hitting the correct drum piece, i.e. notations. Out of all those 32nd notes in there, that’s not too bad I guess. Even though that’s pretty huge classically speaking, HUGE! None of them actually got me to stop recording though, but almost, almost. Not sure which of the three is the worst buzzkill:

-Measure 5, figure 1b: missed the 2nd Ride bow tap by striking its Bell instead, making it like figure 2 with the 3 Bell hits.

-Measure 7, figure 2b: didn’t move to the High Tom for the first hit on count 4, so that’s two quarter notes of Middle Tom with that hand instead of the desired up then down.

-Measure 17: the section’s 4th on the Ride Bell, starting count 2, sounds more like a bow tap than a Bell hit, that whole section was otherwise pretty smooth and even.

Anything else technically wrong or that felt off I either forgot or, as of writing this, having rewatched it many times, haven’t noticed yet. Kinda sounds like it should wouldn’t you agree?

Rabbit Hole, part 4: Notations: PDF, MP3, my wordpress plan does not support MIDI file formats, but drop me a message including your email on my info/contact page and I can send one over.

Four singles and two doubles, RLRL RRLL, a rudiment called the Double-Paradiddle-Diddle. Out of the 20 different ways to arrange these 8 strokes, three of the variations stood out to me while I was practicing on the pad: RLRL LRLL, RLLR LRLL, and RLLR LLRL. Three ways in which to have both diddles on the left hand that when lined up this way create a, for lack of a better expression, wonky fake-triplet feel effect, opening up weird and fun avenues for backbeat and orchestration around the kit.

And once again, thanks for reading this far into the post, I hope you have enjoyed it. If you’d like to support my efforts in learning how to drum better, or just in general, I encourage you to send some appreciation my way by visiting my paypal account. Also, like and follow the blog, subscribe to my youtube, offer up some constructive feedback. I’m grateful for any help you can give, and for your attention.

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