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I haven’t posted in longer than I would have liked again, so it seems like there’d be lots to update about. Things are still improving and the situation is positively better. I’m definitively getting work done on being organized, even if overall there much cleaning up to get done. Keeping up a steady schedule is happening, and holding up for longer periods of time. Despite this important personal progress in learning harder and working smarter, the past few months haven’t been all that productive per say.

The painting remains at a dead stop, though I’ve recently started setting up for it again, and is mostly what I’m disappointed about in not having to share more of. Considering everything else, completing at leasts two more before the year is done is not unreasonable. It’s at least a soft goal. Getting back into it is the hard one.

Continuing and intensifying the study of drumming and making music keeps being the main focus for now. The Rabbit Holes I’ve been putting time in, along with the regular lessons and exercises, aren’t all staying relevant. I go back to 2 and 4 that about it, for the drag practice and linear phrasing respectively, and the list is up to 12 now. I’d have rather post about it here first, but I ended up uploading 7, 8, and 9 already as part of the Limonène Limbo album concept. That sums up nicely how I’ve been active in that regards lately.

RH 9, Bebop Holdup as it’s linked here below, was completed almost a month ago, but I used it to gain some experience with my new sound editor. Also took a week off the production aspects for all the health and balance reasons, used the opportunity to refocus the basics on the kit, rudiments, and pad work that were starting to be neglected. Notations for the drum parts, and clips of me playing, can be available I guess, assuming I get the feedback for it.

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Here’s what came out of Rabbit Hole 9, Bebop Holdup: Samples carried along by various drum moves, grooves and bebop phrases.

A click distraction track at 92 bpm, at least for the main drum part, in 4/4. I added a few other percussions here and there, cowbells, bongos and such, most obviously in the jazz “part”, but everything else is from the samples.

So over the basic drum track, a percussion track, and all blending and fading into each other, in some of the busier sections, up to three layers of samples from a dozen or so sources.