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The notation for it is here. You can get a hybrid-kit-MIDI mp3 version too. At 120bpm, it plays all the parts in order as per notation, then after repeating the intro it plays them in reverse order (and hey, it’s digitally quantized so guarantied not to swing!).

It’s my take on a Double-Kick note value ladder, or pyramid. I didn’t manage one complete loop-around in this clip, so it fades-out at the end, but I did reach the re-intro and even up a few rungs, so stretch-goal partly achieved! yay! I’m working it from 60 to 96bpm, you can tell I’m pushing myself a bit.

-My latest recorded attempt at 85bpm.

So there it is. Next for this, I hope I can share a full loop of me playing it (like the mp3 basically, and as fast ideally), tighten it way up, and really nail those transitions and feel for each part.