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Léonard looking spectacular as usual

These past few weeks haven’t been very productive book wise, but now that all the medicals are over with (at least until the next ones, which aren’t that far away sadly) things are moving along better. Turned out I’d forgotten my good needle and the materials for the covers. Dropped by a store after the last appointment, and the “toned tan” sketch paper I found there is actually better than the one I was using back home. The color is closer to the brown of the spine’s cardboard, and gives them a nicer look than the beige pages. Although in any case both are fine.send more kibbles!

I’ll keep using the new ones for now, until I get back home, but then I’ll save them for the books I’ll make with new paper, as in blank on both sides which basically means double the pages once they’re cut along the folds. As of typing this I have 13 of them completed, another one only missing the finishing touches, and another one still in the early stages ready to start threading which I’ll probably do on the road. I should be back home either tomorrow or the day after, by the weekend at the latest. I’ll take a break from that once those are finished, making it a total of 15 so far if I include the cruder first models, and excluding the half-dozen or so already given out.send more kibbles!!

Not much else to say for now. This place is nice to visit, I’d certainly wouldn’t want to stay anywhere else when I have to come down here for these checkups etc. I try and be the best guest that I can, which isn’t that hard, seeing as my hosts are so awesome. The cat still isn’t a big fan of going outside though he loves looking out those windows, and I haven’t tried letting him out again. He often lays near the door but just walks away disinterested whenever anybody goes in or out.

send more kibble!!

He really seems more affectionate out here this time around. Still sleeps as much, but way more playful and cuddly the rest of the time. If I’d had recorded me petting and brushing him since I got here last week, I’m sure I’d have at least 4-5 continuous hours of footage. This place is bigger than the apartment, and he’s not that used to having other people around. It’s kinda fun, he follows me around almost if not all the time, coming to sit next to wherever I happen to be :)


Spotted this little buddy strolling around in the yard. Shinning bright and intense red under the noon sun, it contrasted so much with the lawn that I saw it walking along from several feet away. So tiny! I thought for a second there I was seeing a dead pixel IRL :Dsend more kibbles!!

Managed to capture it here going across a patch of mud, after rushing back in to get the camera. I’ve seen those before, recognized it once I got a closeup look. A little chigger. Cute, but not at all friendly, not at all a fun guest to have around, and another great reason to avoid letting the cat out- although he did get all his shots and usual preventives against that shit.