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send more kibble!well, the “almost” winter update post…

Yeah, so I might have started on a few too many projects at the same time here. Main problem is mostly the really tight space I’m working in though, that and not having the right materials for some them. Camera is badly in need of an upgrade.
Things are coming along fine despite that however, tried out a couple different fabrics mostly from old clothes, the couple different inks and paints I had available, and played around with various ways with which to combine them for different styles of banners, flags, and patches. Ultimately, I hoping to have one really kickass folding wall to use as a room separator, but for now most are hanging in the doorway of that short passage towards the closets and exit. I’m still considering how exactly I’m going to make, and what with, the frame for that. I was thinking 3-panels, close to like the wooden one I have right now. Had found it cheap in a thrift store, a few rips in the panels that are made of thick paper. I could just use the wood from that, but it’s warped in some places, broken in a couple, and I’d rather start another from scratch and keep this one too.

send more kibbles!!Music is doing alright, much better than those few clips I scarcely upload. Not practicing enough though to get through that 1h+ setlist now, without pause or significant mistakes. I’d need to focus full-time on technique for a bit, and seriously, like on a rigorous schedule and all, to get over this hurdle.

Haven’t reached 50 in the bound books yet. I have a bunch in various stages of construction. At this point, I’m pretty much saving that for elsewhere. As in outside, so going to have for warmer weather to come back around. I’ve lugged a few around a couple times these past months, but didn’t end up in a situation where I could just sit there and finish to half-hour or so of work left to them. Having a trip to the library to do just that is what’s lined up in that department, or somewhere chill I don’t have to spend anything. At least, until the warmer weather roll back around and I can do it in the parks.

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I’m a little snowflake
It’s cold out
Here is a picture
of my hat

Slowed down quite a bit in the drawings as well. It’s pretty much on the back burner for now. Haven’t digitized anything since bda 22. It’ll probably wait until after I fix up the gallery for them on the blog. That’s vaguely the goal for the coming days: fix up the gallery section and update the links page to include more of the online places I regularly have a look or listen at. I’ve added a lot of new docs and podcasts to my playlists, so there’s quite a bit I could add up there too.

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Couple other picnic trips, mostly just to walk around and show off the flags as I finished painting them, eh… you know, just casual Friday stuff, mostly Saturdays in this case tho… pigs aren’t much of a party out here, depends on the weather mostly and who happens to be working the demos near parliament on any particular given day. Mostly just chill and quiet this time of year.

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I’ll try and fit a couple cat pics in there while I’m at it. Just wanted to give you an update on things over here, whoever you are there reading this. Winter solstice is upon us once more, a new year is on the horizon. May it have good things in store for you.
Pizza, tacos, feather toys, ya know, burning riot cops dancing to killer beats, dead nazis and shit like that