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The shapes in the base image used in this one were coloured using this pattern:

At least one black filled area borders each not-black filled area.
In the same way, all not-red shapes are next to a red one.
And similarly for the ones not coloured green.

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beautifully designed animals #38

Not counting the 27 coloured shapes as 4 individual layers each, which would bring the total to a whopping 112 layers, but altogether as 8 layers of transparent colouring (3 red, 1 purple, 2×2 green) plus the one with the black shapes and the 3 sets of outlines, that’s 12 layers on top of the picture of the initial pen and paper drawing.

Oh, and then I did add the signature watermark as its own layer over all that, so that’s one more…

Like the other art in this series, the full size image from which the post’s featured image and this thumbnail were cropped is available on the gallery page.

The lines from the layer with the thicker black tracing follow those that are drawn on the paper used here as background, and match the thinner ones on the layer above it where the black areas were filled in. The green and purple lines are both separate scaled rotations of these same lines, at about 2/3 opacity each on their own layer, placed in between the layers with black shapes and thicker tracing that have no transparency.

The red and green shapes were coloured at 1/3 transparency using for outline two other, different scaled rotations of the same lines that are not visible in the final image. Three separate layers of red are used, one purple, and two of each shade of green. Every one was individually ordered over, under, and in between all the other ones. Even squeezed them in sideways in a couple spots.