Durand, exiting the hotel, mouth in  a content smile, was taken slightly aback at reading the small sticker:


While we’re dying in the streets,

The bourgeoisie in palaces sleep.

Death to the bourgeoisie!

Life to anarchy!


Then he laughs, and yells at the concierge: “Take these idioties off the door.” His quiet smile returning as he notices two officers pacing in glorious ineptitude. But he stops, at the same time as them actually. Two red stickers cutting into the white wall’s crudity.


Copers are the bourgeois’ bulldogs

Death to cops!

Long live anarchy!


The coppers wear out their nails scratching at the posters while Durand walks away worried. When, at the corner of the avenue, noisy sirens and drums are heard and two bataillions appear in the distance, he feels protected and exhales a sigh of relief. The troops pass in front of him, he tips his hat to them ; at that moment, flying like a butterfly, a multitude of paper squares float by ; indifferently, he reads:


The army is a crime school.

Long live anarchy!


A few of the papers flew onto the soldiers, and more covered them ; the obsession grabs him again, he feels like crushed under the light paper butterflies. As he goes and sits at his usual spot for the pint or the regular appetizers, again plastered on his table another sticker:


Go, fatten yourselves up, the day will come our hate turns us into cannibals.

Long live anarchy!


He laughs it off, but this time he won’t pile on plate over plate. Getting up, he heads quickly towards the corner of street X, where exploiters would ask for workers, and mechanically, his eyes demanding it, searches for his poster ; it was covered up and read:


Exploiter This One or That One asks for your sons to degrade you

And your daughters to rape them, you and your wives

To exploit you.

Message to the threadbare.

Long live anarchy!


He nods his head and goes in the direction of his office. On a plaque can be seen the inscription: “Durand & Co. 2 billion net worth in capital.” Under it however, the exasperating critique said its words:


Capital is the fruits of stolen labour

Accumulated by the listless.

Long live anarchy!


Moving fast, he rips it away, expedites a couple of matters and, for distraction, thinks about his mistress. On the trek over, he buys her a bouquet which she smiles at, seeing like a sweet note amidst the flowers: “Verses now?” she says.


This prostitution is the overflowing saturation of bourgeois fat.

Of the poor’s son they make a slave and his daughter a concubine.

Long live anarchy!


She throws it at his face and chases him out. Shamed, tired, he goes back home ; the entrance and door had taken back their ordinary aspects. But, coming in to his living room, his wife tells him: “See this pottery I just purchased, it was a good deal.” He takes it, turns it over ; a paper falls:


Bourgeois luxury is paid in the dispossessed’s blood.

Long live anarchy!


And this “Long live anarchy!”, and these lacerated claims swarming all around him and, that night, he didn’t see his wife for fear of finding, in one of those intimate, discreet and fluffy regions, a little ticket where he could read:


Mariage is prostitution.

Long live anarchy!

“Obsession” par Albert Libertad,
in L’anarchie, 3 septembre 1898.
French Version


Book(s) of the Day


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Had all these supplies lined up to go do some loitering at the local library, but then thunder and rain scared me off. Even though the stupid rain decided not to last, I’m staying in anyway.
There’s one more blank notebook and a comic ready for yarnage. I’ve been waiting to read that Bakunin comic and now that I’ve finally got my printer back… Time to get needleing :Dsend more kibbles!!

New Cat Toys


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New feather creature to hunt thanks to anonymous contributor referred to as “mom” for practical purposes only. In a totally not unrelated manner, three blank books have already been distributed and more are already prepared for assembly. New needles and crochet sticks were also purchased at an undisclosed location, and will be put to good use in the following weeks to come.send more kibbles!!

Twitter is fixed up. Saying I never use it wouldn’t be so far from the truth, so I unfollowed everything and added 4n. I didn’t nuke the tweets this time.

Refreshed to the youtube channel. but I’m not done adding videos from these few other channels I contributed too. I’m lazy, and its fuck all utter bullocks, randomly fucked nonsense of no interest. I might just grab those with more than a couple k views and add them to the yet de-unlisted list… channel looks fine as is, but I’ll get to it soon since it’s annoying me and I’m in a logging mood recently. It’s not like I’m getting much of any feedback about it anyway so wtf. I have more interesting things to do.

I’ve tried to look over some of the rant videos from when I actually did those, from when I got all the subs mostly. Nothing worth the time honestly. All around or less than 100 views, one video response to another tuber that hit over 11k, and not much or any constructive or positive engagement to show for on any of those. We’d have to twist my arm pretty hard to get me to look more into that shit, in strictly sincere speak, seriously. It can be summed up with “mostly randomly constructed discourse of varying decontextualized sentences”.

send more kibbles!!

I have a better idea.

Here are some pictures from the latest cat fishing expedition.

send more kibbles!! 4n really likes to hunt these things.send more kibbles!!send more kibbles!!

Book of the Day


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This one is a bit of a dud. I was about to start another one, guess that’ll wait after I write this. Changed it a bit trying to be more efficient, adding a little loop for hanging cause why not. The loose parts are too tight and the tight spots aren’t tight enough so the spine doesn’t quite hold like I’d like it to. It’ll stay together just fine though, the difference is barely noticeable.

I’ve also worked out a proper setup so I won’t have to use staples to temporarily hold the pages together while I punch the holes. I didn’t even remove them in this one oops, it could set off metal detectors.

send more kibbles!!

And I might need to put a label on them warning it’s possible for them to contain cat hair.

New Binding Template


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I’ve got a selection of articles and texts from anarchist writers I’m going to be printing out, some illustrated, some posters. Just binding blanks for now out of paper from the recycling bin :D

Someone borrowed my printer and I’m only getting it back next weekend, so I have the whole week to figure out what else to make. I’d like to have at least half a dozen books to assemble for the end of the month, when I’ll have to go out of town for medical appointments again.

send more kibbles!!

It’s pretty much the same process I’ll be using for the mini-books that come with some of the -bda-, except those are cut to about a third the height. It’s simple to get the hang of. Having a crochet needle helps (I need to get a new one of those). Right now I’m just using a small engineer’s screwdriver to push the yarn around and make the knots.

I’d love to hear suggestions on what to print out for more of these. Preferably between 40 and 80 pages, a manageable size for now. I’ve got three lined up so far but I’m not telling :P I’d rather hear what whoever reads this might have to say. It doesn’t really matter if I’ve read it already or not.

Moving on…

Trying to come up with a sales pitch… not working out to well:

“You don’t want to fuck with Capicorn do you? Great! You’re the perfect candidate then. Adopt one today!

Look at the big derpy ears, the sweet big black eyes full of fire and wonder gazing right back at you. Look at that wild and hungry smile! You’ll see. They’re full of playful joy, kind, sensible and delicate spirits… just don’t fuck with them, basically. You’ll be ok.”

“Please, it’s creeping me out! It stares at me, all the time. Buy it I beg of you! Get it away from me!”

(shhh, it’s just a joke dear, you’re not that creepy. Not to me at least. Well, maybe a little bit. No, that’s not the point. These people they… ugh… nvm… No I would… Ok. … I’m sure someon… Yeah, maybe we’l…. Yeah, sure but coul…. uh huh…)


Seems I’ve gotten ahead of myself again. Trying to make heads or tails of all these inscriptions, lines and passages, is really messing with my head. Adding more entries to the -bda- collection will require a lot more time and research. I’d rather a proper presentation for when it intersects with occult matters before getting too much into the sci-fi fantasy aspects, the sorta satirical elements of the write ups. Some things are harder to spell out, and because many out there still genuinely keep to sacred traditions, carry forward the ancestral lore and the wisdom they hold, and protect the secrets of their power, it would be foolish, short sighted stupidity, to deny them their value and importance. In this age, advances in our understanding of the world, science and technology, have helped strip away the many layers of superstition surrounding these things. It can get hard to tell them apart, and with all the hacks and pink cloud money chasers to boot, hella confusing too. Plus no one’s interested in Capicorn so there’s no rush… I am getting though a strong vibe indicating there’s much misinterpretation as to my motive and such… that should pass. There’s too many pieces missing from the puzzle, and too many dumb things rotting peoples’ brains preventing them from seeing what’s being put in focus, so instead they jump to the easiest conclusions, grab onto some random thought or impression, and ride it pathetically away. Here’s the thing: no worries. Someone in the right mindset might come along, and have something smart and constructive to say about it. Someone who doesn’t overthink the simple while oversimplifying the elaborate, without reading too much into things accidental letting it take the time to reveal its essential. Form and essence… …or just someone who likes the pictures :)

Until then…


Just me and the cat. Unemployable and living it large (apparently… living large trapped inside a barely 350 sq. foot studio apartment). Flat out broke, sick, broken, certifiably insane, and yet still managing to inspire jealousy and envy, rage and outrage. Nah, no money. No love either. No friends. No ties. No prospects. Your perfect target, ugh? Kicking since 1995, and beyond on some things, many things, so STFU with the millennial bullshit and the pop-culture spiritual garbage. FU -> .,l,,

It gets a bit cyberpunk at places too, some technical aspects giving it a futuristic edge… unavoidable context: the times are cyberpunk as fuck and these are a product of their time. It seeks to look forward as much as to follow in the old. It’s like diving into the unknown ahead. Awkward corporate things too, politics, trade secrets, privatized knowledge… impractical things. For all those things… looking at it from the outside… yeah, I get it. Some things are harder to spell out.

Getting distracted, confused, disoriented… it’s like I’m having to remind myself I’m not what the markings these things were inspired from are supposed to ward against. Even the mundane descrips are getting to me…

I thought I could do more of this. Turns out not really… so back to the scrapbooks, notepads and random pages. Back to reading silly comics, making sounds on guitar strings and lines on paper. Otherwise it’s just circles…

The little Capicorn manual is still on, so are the certificate-cards. I’m just going to hold off on the fantasy sections until I figure out a better occult introduction, that way I can at least put up some of the artwork without having to fuss too much over them.

Reading over this post… sigh… Better to just let it go for now, yup, most def.

Sources d’inspirations et de depression



Des mentions que je veux souvent faire. Ça représente la grande majorité de ce sur quoi j’aurai cliqué, ou enfin, hors-liens d’une tierce partie, les lieux où j’aime me mettre à jour ou où j’ai puisé beaucoup de lectures, de recherches, ou juste parce que, pendant les quelques dernières années. Plus récent pour certains que pour d’autres.

radio libertaire:

artracaille: d’abord pour l’art mais graduellement de plus en plus pour les presses papiers, les infos, commentaires. Ça change, et je reviens vers l’art. Jusqu’à ce qu’une de ces chansons frappe et puis toc. La musique? Incroyablement délicieuse sélection de chanson! J’adore. Que cela soit pour une partie ou pour l’autre plus, selon l’humeur, c’est un merveilleux tout.

C’est tout. J’en rajoute un peu là parce que sinon ça fait très vide et puis toute une page pour juste eux-autres… quand même.


radical spaces:
-“it’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine” show, news and interviews with radicals involved in global revolution and resistance. Show is over but there’s always been more: much, anarchist films, clips, documentaries, archives, reports. If you miss(ed) it :( riot porn and taco loving trouble maker daddy Stimulator… just Frank now, and many other ninjas, and even more at IGD.
And then Dr. Bones, commie lover of cats, with other Gods&Radicals (how come people aren’t all atheists yet? nonetheless), interesting peeps to follow on the socials.

Speaking of, LSC, BadMouse, DRichard “The Dick” Coughlan, awesome collection of older and new stuff to go through, great to keep an eye on cause they tend to comment on the youtube posers, clickdrones, ancaps and such… sometimes. Tear down on some foil hat wearing or ad-chasing half reasoned word machine. Toxic subjects, fun and interesting videos, podcasts and stuff…

TheRebelBeat, formerly a great show on CKUT that lives on as an equally awesome monthly podcast. Class War on the dance floor.

thejuicemedia, if you miss(ed) the JuiceRapNews :( Last seasons were amazing.
Creators have moved on, to things like the Honest Government Adverts series. Great people. Funny guys these downunders. That’s interesting work they’re doing down there. But they’ll have to accept that they don’t come first, and that’s how things are going to be from now on. Now enough with the FAKE NEWS! it’s time for the funnies.

(So many more, hundreds of bookmarks, much tabs open… Along with the following, is mostly usually enough to satisfy my urges to interact with the outside world… eh… and from the odd from Cinemassacre or video game related thing in the background, provide for most of my online antisocial medication…)

…like these blogs: LawyersGuns&Money, (what can I even say at this point?)

and some more fun times, like xkcd, explosm,

… for docs, libraries and archives, there’s a whole bunch I could paste over here. Like say, the waybackmachine, thoughmaybe.com, all the various wikimedia projects and wikis. The amount of stuff to learn and explore is mind boggling. It’s easy to get lost online. I think these are good places to start looking.

Basically, all the places I’ve been clicking on first for more or over the past several years. Kind of depressing actually, but I’m sure which agency that is that’s in charge of that will confirm this as pretty much accurate. Oh, and much shitposting over at facebook.com/groups/anarchistphilosophies/ before a comrade admin went full commie and kicked out the fascist ancap admins… and all the other admins too… if only facebuck was reality and not the other way around :/

New Props


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Feels like I haven’t done one of these things since like forever… the iFan being rather dull (still squeaks alot when its head turns side to side, shitty 1. releases…) and the iFridge getting a rather cold reception.

Anyway, this new blade looks way better than the old one. Plus it’s new, ish. It was left behind in a boutique and found by the new owners. It traces back to some generic mass production line in Taiwan, there’s a little thing with the color in the handle and a little loose in the metal fixture covering where the blade sinks in the handle, but it snaps shut just snug and tightly, and is surprisingly sharp (despite being described as “unsharpened”… not much far from razor like, sure)! Small indentations in the wood finish at the top and bottom ends, and a little scrape near the tip on one side of the sheath, likely from regular hanging and repeated pick-up and put-backs. Seems well balanced and will produce a satisfying swooshing sound under the appropriate circumstances.

It’s much sharper than it’s smaller counterpart, which shows signs of use along the blade and has taken much damage including an impact leaving the odd bend in the lower half of the handle grip. I’ll just put the shorter one on the shelves back where it was, the longer one doesn’t fit there no how, and this way not much changes in the decor of the apartment. And it just looks great there.


send pizza

Come at me yer dirty scoundreling pirates

tell me, which one will you grab for first, the chest or the sword ?
Or just send pizza, that’ll work too, I still like the pizza.

send more feather toys

Wasn’t planning on this, turns out real nice though. Here’s the page I was putting the finishing touches on today before I dun got distracted by the new steel.