nightcore classics: la frescobalda


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It’s about as best as I get it these days, which seems ok to me. For the most part, there’s a note here and there, practice practice practice. This is hard stuff, and still just beginner stuff. phew

There’s a bit of noise reduction and reverb added to the recording, and it was sped up by 220%. You can see the sheet music used scroll down in the video as the music plays. It doesn’t have the variations that came with the later editions, some are so incredibly nice, but it’s the version I got so I’m playing it :) I’ve already looked around in hopes of acquiring some flashier ones on the cheap, but it’s really low on my priorities for now.

The .wav file is also available on this bandcamp page, free to listen or download.

Classical Nightcore?

I’m at looking into fixing up the -bda- gallery page at this point. There’s four items to add so far, and I’ve worked up a better layout and such on the notepads. Going to start a new sequence after the digital-guin. Not restarting the numbering just creating sections with the current series starting off at beurq and spooky, then 022, 023 and so on.

I’ll keep on adding photos of the picture frames as I get funds to print them and stuff, but I’ll move that to a different page, and have the main gallery display the digital versions with links for downloading the highest quality file.

#024, codename “selfie”, was shared already on, you can check it out if you want, I guess. In any case, if you’ve read or scrolled this far, have a preview of #028. No name on this one.

Am aiming at posting all the newly finished bda along with the updated gallery page by the end of this coming weekend.

Meditations On College


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At some point near the end of high school I got interested in eastern philosophies. I use to read a lot more back then. It’s not about faith, and I wasn’t into it because of religious or by what seems to me to be understood as spiritual reasons. But yeah, I used to just sit there and meditate. No one needs any training for that really, just sit there. Breathe, stare into the distance, at a particular spot on the wall or whatever. Let your thoughts pass, don’t pay them any attention. Let them come and go on their own like the clouds in the sky, or waves on a sea. Focus on breathing, scanning every part of your body, relaxing any tension you may find lurking about.

Eventually the senses go on autopilot (whichever ones have you), everything is rested and relax. Like sleeping with your eyes wide open. It’s like you don’t really see the things around you anymore but you know what’s there. You still see around you things that are moving or not, you hear the sounds, the smells, you can still feel from the tip of your toes to the top of your head every part of your body and where it makes contact with clothes, the ground, with the air breezing across the skin of your face as you breathe in and out. You take no effort however in noticing all these things; all your attention is focused on breathing, in and out, on letting your mind stay free from thought, letting them bounce off or bounce through. It’s no matter, ideas go on their way without breaking any of your calm. You just breathe in and out, eyes fixated on that dot in space, remaining just about as motionless as you can be in the torrent of existence.

Then the cops show up at the door with a warrant signed by the city itself apparently (cause you smart enough to look at the damn warrant), telling you your life is in danger and they need to take you away to save you from yourself. We can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way, they tell you, it’s time to go for a ride.

How good is your kung fu? I kinda chickened out at that point and went for the easy way. Also I lived on a fourth floor at the time so…

Obviously the easy way involves cuffs, precautions as they say. It’s for everyone’s safety, apparently.





them: “You’re feeling angry right now an….”

me: “Oh no. Right now. I’m feeling at peace with my maker. And joy. It’ll be out on break, while I slowly take you apart, piece by piece, as small of them as I can. And with a smile, because I’ll have no shame when it comes back around, and we leave here dripping in your entrails.”


Anyway, as I was saying. Enjoy college while you can kids, cause you know, at some point you run outa money barely making it at a dead-end job, end up unplugging the fridge cause all it has is old yucky chemical mustard, and cops show up at the door to abduct you and take you to some medical facility for a chat, try to convince you 1 and 1 don’t make two and shits. Then obviously, after sending you to a facility for the criminally insane because you’re being uncooperative and disagreeing with their assessments of you, well, once they release you, wether or not, college just doesn’t feel quite the same after… so yeah, cherish and all that.

LNPFCWL-P Driver Upgrades GA122


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There you go. You have working thrusters and I see you moving. HUD should be coming back on. So I’ll turn off livestreaming, after telling you to signal back were there ever any other things I could do to help.

Happy travels.

Full sonata (including first Allegro) compressed in this short(ish) animation about space rockets and stuff (improved rocket booster! hurray!)


Ground control to major thumbs


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“What do you mean you don’t get it? Nobody gets everything, you don’t want to be nobody. Do you? No one wants that.

Uhmm, well, tough cookies for you then, cause no one ever gets everything they want.”

“How does nobody even gets to be no one?

As long as that’s what nobody wants and that no one gets it.”

I don’t get it.


Più lento espressivo

Just getting a new setup going to try and log some of these guitar practices. This piece isn’t anything new, it’s actually one of those early ones that really got me into the instrument. I’ve never been happy with any of the takes I’ve made of my interpretations on it, and this here isn’t perfect by any standard, but here I was just testing for the sound, and warming up to check and see if I was feeling well enough to maybe keep playing some more right away… turns out not really, no. Later… Anyways…

Sadly I’m wearing this old sweater from that place I used to work at, there’s a window open and there’s a fan running on the other side of the room, however Leonard just moves in, such timing! Epic catness! Steals the show!

… nevermind :D much spoilers …
cats being cats, it’s no doubt going to be tricky
getting him to do that again, on cue :/

About as hard as finding a metronome with an espressivo setting to it.

…and I end up with what’s honestly my favorite recorded take on it so far, that little esthetic bias aside even. Hard stuff, this thing has some pretty gnarly phrasing, and I’ll mess up on some harmonics, yeah. Overall, I don’t screw it up too bad though so I’ll call it my best one so far too.

I’ll keep on trying. I’m expecting, well, hoping for anyway, that I’ll get a better take on it while playing it in sequence with the other ones in the set. If I’m eventually to record the whole sonata anyway kinda makes sense that way. Part 1 and 4 are a nightmare, mostly because of a few bars here and there, part 4 especially. I’ll ask for help and feedback for those too, in time, but for now if you know this music and might have some tips, you can probably tell by the clip which sections I’m struggling most with.

In any case, it’s a working progress, but I hope you’ll enjoy listening anyway.

So many cat hair!

So far so good. Haven’t touched the facebooks all year. Same for most kinds of media too, news, shows, radio, papers, name it. I was going to keep track of podcasts, videos and such, I did look up, but by the end of January I was already up to several dozen bookmarks. Too many that I care to count. So much for that. I’ll come back to this.

I’ve been rather down and out past few weeks anyway I’ve stopped keeping up… it gets like that. No matter what it is, it ends up being more demoralizing than not. The fun things become the depressing ones, things that would normally motivate and energize start feeling like a chore. Sucks.

And wow, time flies. Halfway through February already. Two weeks ago I was going to write this, but before that wanted to keep working on a piece by Fernando Sor I first learned many years ago, and stopped playing. Yeah, after going through the pile of sheet music I came across it, thinking it was one of those I had never came around to learning all the way through, was looking at maybe trying something new. Didn’t take long to realize it wasn’t. It’s next on the chopping block for the guitar vlog, I guess, I’ve added it to the top of my setlist for now.

It’s kind of difficult, so I remember why I had put it aside. It’s so much fun to play though, amazing parts that feel really rewarding to pull off, just really fun and cheery music. But hard, not super insane fuck you hard, but tough. Until a few days ago I’d go at it sometimes several hours a day, slowly, faster and sometimes too fast, sometimes with the metronome just over and over going back over the same bars. Repeating the variations on their own, then once in a while trying the whole song. I barely played anything else all of January.

Brings me to the video part. Only have a few recordings, none of which I’m really satisfied with. I’m still not sure where to go from here. Was thinking about maybe streaming it some, see who shows up. I don’t know. A bit why I’ve been loitering here in procrastination station until today.
Then I was surprised while login in to see the .org page I set up has been getting several hundred views consistently since last September of so. That’s awesome, I guess. Zero feedback or contacts about it though, unless that’s what that crazy hate mail harpy was about, she even came out in person to mock me over a cup of coffee… yeah, I guess that’s what she might have been about. What… so fucking weird, so much stupid. It would explain her behavior some. Not very good at paying attention to what people are saying is she?

Yeah, so I’m an orphaned bastard and I really don’t care about it beyond that, and I got cancer once, haha, I’m pretty open about that, come up with something better next time dumb fucks, your troll game is weak. Pretending we’re all friendly and sympathetic ugh? Fucking calling me at new year’s too to mock me some more. Plenty other angles you could’ve come at me with going on what I was telling you about. But you… Gee, what a dumb fucking… harpy, fucking erotomaniacal troll harpy bitch. Shooo! Months and months of Shooo!

Anyway… the PDF and it’s front page, it’s sorta like with Capicorn, there’s not really anything to follow it up with. So it just kinda stays there. Not much to do about it.

send more kibble
Leonard isn’t much of a fan of snow, and being out there alone gets boring, so I’ve kept up with spending just about all my time inside this tiny five sided box of an apartment. He’s gotten pretty good at climbing up that pole, wow. You should see him go. I’ll have to make a clip of that. I caught him at it once but it was kind of out of focus and I screwed up by flipping the camera sideways halfway through it. I started playing video games some more again around December. Watched the hell out of Battle Brothers too, some Total War. Played some Oxygen Not Included (what a silly game… lol), Subnautica is pretty cool, fun, if a bit scary :D Space Pirates and Zombies 2 was fun too. Though I haven’t finished Wastelands 2 yet, not sure I’ll get back into it any time soon. And a couple of hours here and there on a bunch of other titles. If I could get a working PC again, instead of this ageing Mac (doesn’t even have a CD drive! wtf) I would love some Battle Brothers, They Are Billions, stuff like that… but my options are limited, sad face.

I know this page hardly ever gets a view, but you know, ideas on how to make contributing to my paypal slightly more appealing (not much new in that area, though I did splurge some and have more than just coffee or tea on most days in February so far), that would be awesome. Any suggestions on the streaming too. A couple hours of classical guitar a day? Couple times a week maybe? I really hate being on camera, but I feel up to it. It’s one way to start up some conversations I guess. Outside some customer support stuff, few places I bought things at, and a very few occasions with a hand-not-so-full of people, including that French coffee stain hate mail troll and prank caller harpy, I’ve had none of that in many, many months.

If it helps, I can put up a list of those things I like to hear about. On the sidebar maybe? The list has been getting quite long this past year, it’s huge compared to that short list of juicy subversive morsels it started out with. Probably wouldn’t matter, they don’t get the point, or it’s on purpose anyway so they don’t give a rat’s ass. They think they got people and the world all figured out. Crazy nutters.