Sources d’inspirations et de depression



Des mentions que je veux souvent faire. Ça représente la grande majorité de ce sur quoi j’aurai cliqué, ou enfin, hors-liens d’une tierce partie, les lieux où j’aime me mettre à jour ou où j’ai puisé beaucoup de lectures, de recherches, ou juste parce que, pendant les quelques dernières années. Plus récent pour certains que pour d’autres.

radio libertaire:

artracaille: d’abord pour l’art mais graduellement de plus en plus pour les presses papiers, les infos, commentaires. Ça change, et je reviens vers l’art. Jusqu’à ce qu’une de ces chansons frappe et puis toc. La musique? Incroyablement délicieuse sélection de chanson! J’adore. Que cela soit pour une partie ou pour l’autre plus, selon l’humeur, c’est un merveilleux tout.

C’est tout. J’en rajoute un peu là parce que sinon ça fait très vide et puis toute une page pour juste eux-autres… quand même.


radical spaces:
-“it’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine” show, news and interviews with radicals involved in global revolution and resistance. Show is over but there’s always been more: much, anarchist films, clips, documentaries, archives, reports. If you miss(ed) it :( riot porn and taco loving trouble maker daddy Stimulator… just Frank now, and many other ninjas, and even more at IGD.
And then Dr. Bones, commie lover of cats, with other Gods&Radicals (how come people aren’t all atheists yet? nonetheless), interesting peeps to follow on the socials.

Speaking of, LSC, BadMouse, DRichard “The Dick” Coughlan, awesome collection of older and new stuff to go through, great to keep an eye on cause they tend to comment on the youtube posers, clickdrones, ancaps and such… sometimes. Tear down on some foil hat wearing or ad-chasing half reasoned word machine. Toxic subjects, fun and interesting videos, podcasts and stuff…

TheRebelBeat, formerly a great show on CKUT that lives on as an equally awesome monthly podcast. Class War on the dance floor.

thejuicemedia, if you miss(ed) the JuiceRapNews :( Last seasons were amazing.
Creators have moved on, to things like the Honest Government Adverts series. Great people. Funny guys these downunders. That’s interesting work they’re doing down there. But they’ll have to accept that they don’t come first, and that’s how things are going to be from now on. Now enough with the FAKE NEWS! it’s time for the funnies.

(So many more, hundreds of bookmarks, much tabs open… Along with the following, is mostly usually enough to satisfy my urges to interact with the outside world… eh… and from the odd from Cinemassacre or video game related thing in the background, provide for most of my online antisocial medication…)

…like these blogs: LawyersGuns&Money, (what can I even say at this point?)

and some more fun times, like xkcd, explosm,

… for docs, libraries and archives, there’s a whole bunch I could paste over here. Like say, the waybackmachine,, all the various wikimedia projects and wikis. The amount of stuff to learn and explore is mind boggling. It’s easy to get lost online. I think these are good places to start looking.

Basically, all the places I’ve been clicking on first for more or over the past several years. Kind of depressing actually, but I’m sure which agency that is that’s in charge of that will confirm this as pretty much accurate. Oh, and much shitposting over at before a comrade admin went full commie and kicked out the fascist ancap admins… and all the other admins too… if only facebuck was reality and not the other way around :/

New Props


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Feels like I haven’t done one of these things since like forever… the iFan being rather dull (still squeaks alot when its head turns side to side, shitty 1. releases…) and the iFridge getting a rather cold reception.

Anyway, this new blade looks way better than the old one. Plus it’s new, ish. It was left behind in a boutique and found by the new owners. It traces back to some generic mass production line in Taiwan, there’s a little thing with the color in the handle and a little loose in the metal fixture covering where the blade sinks in the handle, but it snaps shut just snug and tightly, and is surprisingly sharp (despite being described as “unsharpened”… not much far from razor like, sure)! Small indentations in the wood finish at the top and bottom ends, and a little scrape near the tip on one side of the sheath, likely from regular hanging and repeated pick-up and put-backs. Seems well balanced and will produce a satisfying swooshing sound under the appropriate circumstances.

It’s much sharper than it’s smaller counterpart, which shows signs of use along the blade and has taken much damage including an impact leaving the odd bend in the lower half of the handle grip. I’ll just put the shorter one on the shelves back where it was, the longer one doesn’t fit there no how, and this way not much changes in the decor of the apartment. And it just looks great there.


send pizza

Come at me yer dirty scoundreling pirates

tell me, which one will you grab for first, the chest or the sword ?
Or just send pizza, that’ll work too, I still like the pizza.

send more feather toys

Wasn’t planning on this, turns out real nice though. Here’s the page I was putting the finishing touches on today before I dun got distracted by the new steel.

Arts Department Overhaul



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I spent a long time pondering over exactly how to organize the various things I wanted to have on my arts blog, from painting, sketches, drawings and digital constructs, furniture, designs, texts, texts set to music, videos about music… stories, songs, images, and poems for people places and sometimes even for things that don’t exist, or that do, or that sometimes one then the other… It’s a bit of a mess, there’s a lot of overlap, but the runes are a good place to start saddled in riding a fine line between sci-fi fantasy and reality, not entirely fiction yet not at all made up.

I’m working on a general introduction page for the specifics on the types of xenography and lore used in the rune carvings involved in most of the works I’m referring to here. What they are, where they’re from, how they work and stuff like that. I’ll post the link to it somewhere over here once I’m done, maybe. It won’t be till a while though as I’m not currently done with the mundane cards and little booklets which will be included with each signed piece (and which have in them a glossary of sorts along with parts of said general introduction… ), and shouldn’t be for a couple months still, mostly. Sometime before the next year I guess. I’ll slowly have a few here and there ready as time goes.

I have enough entries to get it rolling even despite that, mostly from the “Shapes” collection, the -bda- series, and a few odds and ends in between. Going over these entries and building up the visual arts section of the blog and website, that’s pretty much what’s lined up for the next couple of weeks, and more. Plus there’s always that unexpected to prepare. For, to prepare for.

Speaking of which. There’s also a special project that’s near completion. It’s basically at the final stage, waiting on the ressource logistics related stuff to move forward with production and distribution… (there’s a working model in my kitchen, shhh). Having a useable image of that one finally assembled is basically what’s holding me back on a couple of things.

(SPOILER: it’s an air-freshener device)
That special project should be done before the end of this summer, and I should be able to set up the page using the prototype long before then. By then I also should have the dozen or so already planned out items either ready or missing minor details for completion. It’s hard to be more precise when there’s such a variety of factors to deal with… hand painted one-time pieces don’t require the same attention, and because their card-certificate and manual won’t need to be itself replicated unlike the digital and print variety, they don’t get elaborated in the same way.
All these things need to be hand written, hand bound and signed.

So enough with the chatter and distractions… other entries in the rune section of the arts catalogue won’t get this much of a fluffed up intro, if at all, as in meaning it’ll probably be much more brief once all that other stuff is out of the way…


If you read this far might as well keep going before looking at the piece’s write up. Seems like it’s part of the recommended intake, what’s coming up next. It’s been designed to provide soft entertainment while your monitor refreshes, and research has proven it to be effective in improving satisfaction when consumed prior to consultation.

The following is a dramatic reconstruction based on the testimony of one satisfied customer who installed Capicorn on a tile leading up to the entrance of their house.

Details have been changed to protect the ignorant.
The impossible doesn’t happen, otherwise it would be possible.

The following material contains content matter of a graphic nature, reader discretion is advised. Like, seriously… stick to the mundane facts and look over some less elaborate – more sober – entries. This one here in French, the digital-guin (penciled actually), has been available for a while by now: it’s something yellow that hangs in the bathroom, and that’s all you need to know. All those in the Shapes collection are also usually much lighter on the brain and should be ready for browsing soon.
I’ve debated over this enough already, Capicorn is the better frontrunner on this one. There’s nothing else like them.

(Shh… it’s starting.)

-“Jesus fucking Christ Alllmighty son of eh… Marie Mother of God Sweet fucking Mercy what the Hell is going on!!”

A tallish person in a suit, holding a briefcase in the left hand and some kind of pamphlet in the other, is standing as if frozen mid-stride on the side of a road near an opening in some bushes where a small path laid in stone bricks leads up to a house on a foresty hill. Someone comes in from somewhere behind the trees, holding a gardening shovel in one of their gloved hands, their face in a deep shadow cast by the large straw hat shielding them from the bright morning sun rising over the horizon behind. They walk along the path and stop to stand besides the paralyzed pedestrian.

-“Oh, hi there. Beautiful day isn’t it?”

-“Beautiful day!? Wtf is this? I can’t move, like at all! except to talk, apparently…”

-“Are you stuck there? You don’t seem to be moving at all.”



-“Yeah. Mmmm…”

-“Do you know who you are?”

-“What does that even mean? Holy Shit Hell! What’s going on? Of course I know who I am, what the bloody fucking hell? Look at me! I’m frozen mid step. I can’t move! (except to talk, for some strange reason) Anymore helpful questions?”

-“Yes, possibly. Do you remember where you were going, or what you’re doing here?”

-“What I’m doing here?! Are you kidding? I’m stuck here! I was walking along, going up this road, and here I am now in full rigor. As stiff as a board and somehow managing to stay upright. I can’t even blink! It doesn’t even feel like I’m breathing anymore either. Planted here like a statue staring at that stone in the ground. That’s what I’m doing. That and wanting to not be stuck like this anymore so I can get away from here. That feeling is getting stronger by the minute and you’re not helping.”


-“You don’t say.”

-“Hold on, this won’t hurt one bit.”
(gently pokes the trapped victim in the shoulder with the end of the shovel)

-“wha… Oh. Wow. Blessed be the Lord that feels good! phew… Ok, thanks but ho… wwhawwddd di … ddd .owwWWWWAAARAFPHGAGAGGAARRRGG!\!!$\%%#!%!#!&&%*”
(collapses on the ground both hands clawing frantically their head at the temples, obviously in great pain)

-“Oh, right, that part. I always forget about that part. I don’t know why it does that.”


-“Anyway, looks like it’s over now. You’ll be fine. Say, you wouldn’t mind telling me which eye that was? Which side you felt that pain in, would you? That’d be very helpful, thanks.”

Small booklets, papers and pamphlets fly everywhere as the briefcase hits the ground and opens after its owner jerks up, wildly flings it away and runs.


And that’s why it’s hard to keep reliably accurate statistics on these things.

Here’s a look at some other pieces I’m working on a page for:

Not sure which one I’ll finish editing next, this should be in a couple of days I guess. I’ll publish the pages as they get done, and update them as the cards and booklets get finalized. I’ll hit the blog again by this time next week to sum up where things are at overall, after which I might not get the opportunity to post for a bit…
… already feels like July is just around the corner.

4n’s Appartement Picture Tour.


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Going to be adding a bunch a pages over the next few weeks, mostly to have a section for my drawings, paints, graphics, photos and that kind of thing. I’ve already worked out several entries but I didn’t want to put up anything just yet until I was done with a few projects. It used up a lot of time specially over the last week… I’ll have a post for this particular request piece which occupied so much of my attention. I would have started with that however… couple weeks backs, before the production rush and little trip it required, something happened that had been promised by the landlords almost a decade ago !!!

At long last the floor has been replaced. No more stinky carpets. I can finally set this box up the way I like and it actually looks nice. Obviously the tree didn’t quite fit, I had to work around that. And the assembling instructions didn’t cover the sawing the thing in half part so I had to improvise.

Next up, giant poster frames of Léonard to hang in between the shelves and the cat elevator, over the smaller one that’s up there right now, which I’ll lower a bit.

I’ve already picked a short list for which ones to use for that.

(before his coller got really HUGE!)

and maybe some minis of the many adorably cute poses he offers up all the time… so many!

(and this one here in medium for the wall left of the refrigerator)

While I’m at it, might as well, did photos of the rest of the place so if ever that’s a thing you can analyse the shit out of how I fill up where I spend like over 99.93851, up to 99.98351% – the math is made up so it doesn’t matter – of my time when I’m not having to be somewhere else, and how I decorate said place, at your leisure and convenience, supposing, I guess, if that’s a thing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Behind the sink and fridge there’s the bathroom, and behind that a storage locker with the fuse box and stuff like that. On the left of that little hallway to the side there’s closet space all the way back and to the wall where the exit is.

… it took some time to write this all up since I needed to wait to be entirely done with the whole room. Made sense to combine all these things into one post, makes a mean screensaver, looks awesome – if a bit with a creepy surreal feel, seeing it from in here and all, looking at the picture on the screen showing the room same as I’m seeing it with my eyes… half expecting to turn around and see myself staring back at me.

“Hi! Watcha doin?”

Everyone who’s right has stayed, everyone who’s left has gone


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Right, so I was wanting to write this up over here, but I got lazy and made a post on fashbook instead… more or less the same links and content, but now that I’ve taken the time to sort my notes out a bit…

(meanwhile in France nazi cops are sodomizing peeps with their pig sticks)


Pourquoi s’acharner sur celui-là en particulier? Pourquoi lui s’acharne-t-il sur certaines communautés à provoquer la haine et la violence envers elles?

Je prend celui-ci en exemple parce qu’il reçu dernièrement du temps d’antenne sur HBO, imaginez donc ça, et puis sur radio-klanada aussi. Ici-radio-coloniale s’en servent même pour justifier leur conclusion qu’il faut ignorer ces gens plutôt que de les confronter … ils sont ignorant du phénomène qui a permit Trump de prendre la présidence des U.S.A., semble-t-il. En normalisant sont succès, dénigrant par la bande ceux qui militent activement contre lui (et plusieurs autres!!, ça donne plutôt l’impression d’applaudir sa “réussite”.

C’est plutôt la presse libérale, et conservatrice, qui contribuent à leurs avantages à chaque fois qu’elle aborde leur existence de manière “neutre” et “non-biaisé”.
Les voix et les groupes qui critiquent plus fort ceux qui dénoncent que CE qui est dénoncé, partagent le blâme des succès de ces néos, leur célébrité, leurs fortunes, et définitivement pas les antifas qui lui barrent des routes… Ceux-celles qui se gène d’élargir le blâme vers ces mêmes qui se refusent de dénoncer ces mouvements, la considère nullement méritoire d’une réponse ferme et hostile, ou voir même en partage une certaine “opinion”, la trouve drôle, inoffensive, banale! Tolérable!

Normal quoi. Plutôt le privilège d’être à l’abris parce que de toute façon, c’est pas nous qui sommes visé.es, c’est pas nous que ça insulte et pis sur le dos de qui que ce fait la business … après tout, s’en offusquer, se mouiller à la décrier, c’est s’abaisser à leur niveau non? C’est juste d’l’humour, du niaisage, s’t’un jeu. Tombe pas dans le piège, laisse tomber. Hein?

Ça c’est juste le bas-de-gamme en plus, à peine caché, ouvertement haineux, dans la même catégorie que la radio poubelle…
… et pis en passant, les ignorer, ces ignorants là, ça s’passe bien ça pour les contester et taire le fascisme flagrant qu’elle inspire et provoque?
Ça les a derentabilisés ces vendeurs de fumier verbale ou non? C’est ça que je pensais.

Imagine a self-hating, self-bashing, racist (but he dates black guys so it’s ok) gay jew provokingly misgendering trans people deliberately while insisting they are also crazy and dangerous sex predator weirdos; imagine him honestly and sincerely calling for them to be publicly exposed and shamed, insulted, excluded, segregated, medically tortured, criminalized and locked-up, or exiled, if not blatantly culled from the general population by any means necessary, by whatever means the current audience is prepared to hear as perhaps appropriate or acceptable, or that he expects the censors will let him get away with proposing on whichever platform he happens to be on at that time.

Wait, or was that just a joke? Probably just part of the act, right? He’s probably not even really gay.
Does it really fucking matter at this point? That’s not even the issue.

And while his army of cheering fans grow, it’s just harmless fun after all, keep reminding yourself that talking about him, making any sort of noise to lash out at this demented criminal menace of a human being, will only bring him more fame and attention, and digits to his bank account. Keep telling yourself that. Keep denying the fascists till they go away, works every time. Keep reminding yourself that, and accusingly everyone around you too, that telling him to shut the fuck up only makes him look good, and you the nazi. Just take a nice shower, it’ll pass, it’ll go away. All of this is perfectly normal. In this current day and age, hate and bigotry is harmless and trivial. It’s a gig, a show, a silly trick savvy comedians pull on idiots to make money and laughs. Don’t fall for it. Everyone is so happy. Those complainers are just paid professional trouble makers, trying to ruin Milo’s fun. Hypersensitive babies.

Ça fait beaucoup d’imbéciles ça, à s’alimenter à une source raciste, encourageant les violences par ses narratifs de peur, de division, d’exclusion, dénigrante de toute opinion divergente, sympathique aux repressions brutale, aux guerres économiques, pris dans leur nombrilisme passif et niai, narcissistes en quête de gloire et de richesses.

Même si vous pensez qu’en les ignorants, en leur portant pas attention, en n’en parlant pas, … “ignorer la vérité ne la change pas” …
… que ça passera, ça s’éteindra tout seul … qu’il y a pas assez de specimen prime exemple de la bêtise humaine pour leur donner aucun vrai pouvoir?

Milo -> Breitbart -> Trump


Context: Internet troll “celebrity” gets invited to Real Time with Bill Maher, on HBO.

Journalist Jeremy Scahill, also invited, refuses to share a platform with the known racist, overall bigoted, alt-right provocateur.

The Stimulator says Jeremy Scahill taking the high ground deprived us of what could have been his “punch a nazi” moment… we will never know. Felt like a lose-lose situation to me, although I respect the decision and agree with his explanation of why it was the right one,when Stim puts that way :D
it’s hard to argue

It’s really too bad that Jeremy Scahill took the “high ground” and backed out of debating Milo Yiannopoulos. Instead of a radical owning that racist sexist troll, it was establishment folks who slapped him around. And who knows, this could have been Scahill’s punch a nazi moment.

Dick Coughlan takes it on, and gets it right:

We could just leave it at that… nails it proper…


Just a few more highlights, headlines, articles, following up the broadcast, breaking it down…

 (“confront” ?!? hardly)

Bill Maher Shows Us Why You Can’t Platform Fascists

Milo was given a massive HBO audience to spread his bigotry and the audience saw the host do nothing to counter it.

Bill Maher and Milo Yiannopoulos Find Common Ground

«He has ample venues to spew his hateful diatribes,» Mr. Scahill said. «There is no value in ‘debating’ him.»
Mr. Maher followed with his own statement that said, «If Mr. Yiannopoulos is indeed the monster Scahill claims — and he might be — nothing could serve the liberal cause better than having him exposed on Friday night.»

Exposed? Unfortunately no. More like trivialized, applauded, and normalized, laughed along with in good camaraderie, before inviting each other for beers…

Speaking to his audience, Mr. Maher said, “Stop taking the bait, liberals,” and asked how they could be afraid of someone he described as “little, British, impish” and a slur for gay people. The two men shook hands, and Mr. Maher moved on to his panel discussion.

– Maher & Yiannopoulos – two garbage scows passing in the night –

Describing himself as «a virtuous troll,» Mr. Yiannopolous said, «I hurt people for a reason.»
And that reason is he’s a mendacious piece of shit. Maher, who various people keep insisting is a wit who Challenges the B.S. of Bothsides, can’t bestir himself to ask his guest to elaborate on his reasons for hurting people.

I wonder how much HBO pays for Maher to wrestle with poorly constructed straw men?

and I’m sure there’s plenty more out there too.


It’s like watching some bizarre Twilight Zone version of mud wrestling
(Tucker shows up at around 10m30)

“Fascists are not welcome at an anti-fascist conference!” -Jeffrey Tucker, heckling Richard Spencer, ISFLC2017

Wait, wut?

“Libertarianism is about human dignity, liberty for all, and not about fascism!”

Actually, “libertarianism” is about … awww, you know what, nvm…

“You came here to troll us!”

Tucker, please, you’re ruining my severe dislike of libertarians

“Your hands are just as dirty if you let the State do violence on your behalf!”

eh… Tucker? You ok?

“if you’re willing to use the State to target minorities, there’s no reason those minorities shouldn’t target you.”

Well then, mother fucker, you had to go and earn yourself some respect. Fuck off, you have now graduated from “person I thoroughly do not like” to “person I somewhat dislike”

now off to go wash up my thumb

think I’m gonna populate this with more pictures, and make it a page instead… idk, so many good ones to make the link with president supervillain… yeah, most def

The fake news media is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the american people!!



These things people never respond to


This could be a series.
Could have started a long time ago, and partly cause I feel compelled to mention that each time, I could just paste up all my travels here, I have plenty to go back on too if I’m stuck… but then… It’s the selecting, the editing, correcting and fact-checking, referencing… responding… updating, revisit, upgrade, collate… meh… grammar?


Spending too much time on that facebook again… not today motherfucker

Sorry, disagreeing with me won’t get you called a fascist nazi, as that’s reserved more towards those who’d unapologetically espouse hate and bigoted prejudicial outlooks, trivialize and promulgate them, worse still put them in action.
Thought it may end up being appropriate in some circumstances to play hangman in the naming of their particular brand of demented irrationality, when it gets pushed into a corner, supremacy, nationalism, alt-right or ancap, troll, prejudice against them isn’t bigoted: it’s sane. And the more extreme the healthier.

In this neighborhood, show up wearing a sheet and you get shot in the streets.

Being a bigot doesn’t make you fascist, nobody’s purfect, by itself I can’t see why it would, but if you reason it’s acceptable in some way and not something that needs to be corrected and opposed at every corner… eh… you really don’t have anything else to say… melt away little snowflake, melt away.


-Calling someone a fascist for sharing and supporting views contributing to a fascist agenda, and for showing signs in line with say, aryan mythology, is counter-productive. And frowned upon.

-You can’t quote or agree with anything a liberal/progressive/democrat/socialist/communist/anarchist wtfe would say without being one, and berated for something else irrelevant they might be wrong about and with which you obviously agree too as well.


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De ceux qui désamorcent dans le mauvais sens


Ben faque so much pour le rester à distance de tout ça …
C’est commencé plutôt bien l’année, malgré …

Tellement de scénarios concurrents, d’histoires ou-non partagées,
de réponses éparpillées aux quatre coins des questions…
d’une question, au contraire, et d’une seule réponse qui en distrait l’attention…

Les tentatives de contextualiser tout ça se perdent
dans l’analyse sans fin des oùs, des pourquois et des comments,
des variations des thèmes, d’angles et de points de vues par lequel l’aborder.
Qui sont les terroristes ?

– (la discussion dans laquelle ça s’insère me semble évidente) –
– (au risque d’y ajouter ici, plus tard, quelques titres et manchettes) –

Pour pouvoir vraiment désamorcer la haine il aurait fallu plutôt accélérer la cadence. On a le fascisme en pleine face et puis au lieu de les appeler par leur nom, devant tous ces racistes, misogynes, intégristes, antisémites, homophobes et xénophobes, islamophobes, face aux échos suprémacistes et de toutes ces autres expressions de leurs multiples genres que l’on m’accusera d’avoir omit l’appellation ou d’en avoir présenté l’itération en séquence erronée, si pas carrément avec préjudice, ignorance, mépris ou tout ça et pire, et pis quoi encre, on préfère se fermer les yeux et jouer le jeu. Après tout c’est normal, non? C’est juste leur avis, une valide position de droite. Il y a la modérée et puis l’extrême, et pour qui s’y oppose le chapeau radical et régressif, violent, intolérant, à la limite du barbare. Parce que dans le fond…

Au moins le fasciste, lui, respecte les bonnes manières des normes socialement acceptées dans son usage du langage, et suit les procédures respectables de la politique et du droit quant à la publication de ses opinions et l’avancement de ses desseins. Il n’est pas violent, lui, contrairement à tout ce qui s’oppose activement et hypocritement à ce qu’il représente. Au moins, lui, il est paré à défendre ses opinions en toute politesse et faire progresser pacifiquement la discussion. C’est qu’il doit avoir raison, j’imagine…

“Mensonges par dessus mensonges par dessus mensonges enrobés dans une couche de flatterie identitaire.” -ça c’est mon fuck you.

Ils ont les deux mains gantés. Attirant tranquillement la masse obnubilée à s’identifier à leurs narratifs de peurs, d’insécurité, de blâme et de mépris (sauf d’eux! qu’il faut respecter, obéir et vénérer, à ses propres frais en plus), ils se jouent de vous tels des imbéciles pendant que vous vous branlez à savoir comment réagir, où placer les frontières et comment définir ses extrémités, tout empressés à défendre leurs droits de vous tenir sous l’austérité de leur botte et à leur demander permission d’y exister avant de les en remercier du fait. Ils récupèrent vos révoltes à leurs bénéfices, vous stérilisant au passage, vous placent docilement au service de la pacification du reste.

Vous êtes pas à gauche vous vous êtes en bas.
C’est évident du fait qu’on vous parle de haut.

Violence in your name

Contre la violence?
Donc tu ne paies pas de taxes,
n’appelles jamais la police,
ne manges pas de viande,
n’utilises pas les électroniques
contenant du coltan,
ne soutien pas “les troupes”
et ne regarde pas la boxe la lutte
ou les sports contact.
Sinon, t’es seulement contre la violence
quand elle ne se fait pas en ton nom,
pour ton bénéfice, à ton avantage,
pour ton bien et ton divertissement.

– antifascisme et liberté d’expression –

Tout le monde déteste la police

So I told him

If you can’t rationally justify and argue in its favour, and properly demonstrate it beyond a reasonable doubt —to someone who is permitted to plug the ears with the fingers while shouting «LALALALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU LALALALALA» no less— then yes, your existence is totally a subjective matter of opinion, objectively worth no more than whatever value has the sympathy or reaction you can dredge up for it.

Well there goes my plan to stay away from the forums thing and post stuff over here instead… it’s been weeks! Putting this one here now though, just not into writing much more to it. Had some nice posts started before I left town last month, and forgot to save them (or rather the related media files and links) on the data stick, haven’t even looked at them yet. They feel so old and out of context already, not entirely but… meh. Still had quite some work left to polish it up beyond just scribbled notes randomly scattered across a page, like most of everything else in those logs. It tops my list for the November garbage though, if not for the year, so I’ll get back around to it. And it does have relevance to the whole troll-post era thing too so.


Tempo di Bourrée


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It’s really frustrating that this is still my best take on this one, it’s from the weekend, or Monday I think. I haven’t tried recording all week, and it’s gotten better since I practiced it a lot I just can’t seem to get it right today without completely either screwing up the intro bars, the ending, or both :/ I’ll try again tomorrow. For now I’m not going to bother editing and adding it to my vlog just yet, probably at least add it to the vlog next week if this keeps up though. I didn’t do it last week because I was convinced I would just replace it right away anyway.

At least the beginning isn’t (comparatively) a total wreck… even though it fails a lot especially in the end, almost ad lib in some places… rough. I keep listening to it over and over trying to convince myself it’s not that bad.
I was feeling really good after getting it down so well this week, yesterday, and today, super bums me out that this older one turns out to still be my best video effort. 😠